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Why I choose Etsy as my #MomBiz | and how you can too

Why I choose Etsy for my Mombiz. Work from Home Ideas. How to make money from home. Naptime Hustles. Side Hustles for moms. Why you should open an Etsy Shop. How to open an Etsy ShopAll Moms in our generation seem to have a Mom Biz, a #Naptimehustle, a #Momtrepreneur endeavor. I am no different. Many times, the Mom Biz bug hits when the babies come. In one way or another, Momma needs to make more money! I choose Etsy. Whether you are a full-time working mom or a stay at home mom, I’m willing to bet you’ve got a side hustle, or… you’re looking for one.

As a Mom, I have many side hustles going, often at the same time, but I would have to say that my biggest, side #MomBiz that I have going, in additional to my regular “job” of being a mom and a professional is my Etsy. There are two Etsy Shops that I run on the side. I know, I know, there are 4 rings in my circus and I’m busier than I can handle sometimes, but I love it.

Why I choose Etsy for my Mom Biz

I have been an Etsy Shop owner since 2010. I was first introduced to Etsy through my main profession as a wedding coordinator. Etsy proved to be a phenomenal supplementary business platform because I could sell wedding related item to clients I already had. At the time, I also owned a real life, walk in and shop store location that offered handmade and vintage wedding decorations so I could have them for sale on Etsy, reaching a nationwide market for my retail store. When customers weren’t in shopping, I would be in the back, boxing up online orders.

Top 4 Reasons I choose Etsy

Of all the Side Business opportunities, out there for women, I choose Etsy for 4 main reasons.


I am a mom. I have 2 kids I raise all day long and in between meals and story time I can crank out an order. Whenever we get into the car we’re just driving through the post office. I don’t have any deadlines, or anyone to answer to and there is nowhere I must be on any given day. Of course, there is the occasional question from a buyer or a custom order and yes, those orders all have shipping deadlines, but I can adjust those based on how busy I am. I can create all my listings to have specific timeframes for production so I’m not rushed. I can be my own Mom Boss on my own terms.


As a Wedding planner, I’m mostly successful because I’m creative. I like to be artistic and create things from scratch. I also like to repurpose, rebuild, and recycle things into beautiful, new wedding resources. My Etsy Shop not only gives me a creative outlet but it offers me a 24-hour storefront to profit from it! I’m certain that every artist you talk to, regardless of their craft will confess that the best part of it all is when someone else loves your creation so much that they BUY it. The rush and the adrenaline from a sale only fuels my passion for creating something else, for someone else. Etsy gives me that opportunity.


Did I mention I manage both of my shops from home now? I can do everything from inside my warm, creativity cluttered office. I don’t have to leave or interact with any customers daily. Or, for me, what I find even better is that I don’t have to host a party, tag my friends online or hit up my neighbors to make my next level up. I’m anti-social… there, I said it. I love that I can just publish a listing and people will find it. I don’t have to sell it, Etsy does that for me. Granted, I do a lot of promoting, but all from the comfort of my office… in my sweatpants.


Most of my listings are either custom order or completely digital. This is great for 2 reasons. First, as a custom order, I don’t have to make it until it is already paid for. Therefore, I don’t have to stock a bunch of inventory and hope it sells. Second, with the digital products, I’ve done the work once, and then it sells repeatedly as a download. I no longer must work to earn the profits. It is all automated. I literally make money while I sleep, doing nothing. Someone buys the listing, Etsy emails them the product, then renews my listing automatically for me. I could sell 100 of the same file and never lift a finger.

Are you ready to open an Etsy Shop?

Have I convinced you to join Etsy? Are you creative? Crafty? Are you looking for a place to sell your digital brilliance or custom order creations? If you are, I have a gift for you…

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That’s right, I have a referral link for inspiring new Etsians to open up shop. You’ll get your first 40 listings {typically $0.20 each} for FREE and I will get 40 free listings too! It’s a win-win. Then, as your friends see you succeeding, you can refer them with your link and get a free 40 again! Isn’t Etsy awesome?

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Here are my Etsy Shops in case you want to follow them 😉

Share your #MomBiz

Do you have 4 Reasons for choosing your #MomBiz? Write a post and I’ll share it with the world!

I’m building a giant list of #MomBiz opportunities for the up-and-coming Momtrepreneur to choose from. There are so many out there but I believe the deciding factor for women is actually the reasons other women choose to do a business. It’s the reasons and how a business makes your life better, not always the products. To be featured, please email me your entrepreneurial adventure and I’ll let you know if it is already taken or if you’re free to write and submit.


  1. Theme- To inform Women about your business and why they might want to join your network, not to sell products or to advertise your current business.
  2. Requirements- Your Mom Biz must be able to grow as a network or Women must be able to easily start their own by the end of the post.
  3. Inclusions- Your Network Link! Let’s get Women into those new Home Businesses so they can thrive!
  4. Shameless Promo- You can absolutely include a link to your online store, but no specific product push 😉
  5. Exclusions- Subscription Boxes, Referral Links, Affiliate Links, Businesses that cannot be easily started by joining through a link, Self Promotion/Advertisement/Product Commercial, Phone Call Networks, Any other Spam type business. Keep it legit.
  6. Email me at [email protected] to inquire This Series will Launch March 3rd, 2017

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2 thoughts on “Why I choose Etsy as my #MomBiz | and how you can too

  1. I am a friendly introvert as well. So I relate. I have thought of opening an Etsy shop. I’m a crafter and lifestyle blogger with an emphasis on organization. Thank you for your post. Most people don’t talk about it much.

    1. You’re most Welcome! I made $3,000+ in January on Etsy alone. I have been reporting my Blogging Incomes for 2016 and now I’m trying to focus on introducing women to new income streams 🙂

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