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How to Make Coffee Filter Ornaments | DIY Christmas

Wyatt finally gets his turn at the paintbrush! They both had so much fun with the Wreath and Snowflakes we just had to keep going! So for simplicity sake, I figured we could easily just make what would look like the glass ball ornaments but Coffee Filter Ornaments! You can also get back to the main Coffee Filter Craft post HERE

How to Make Coffee Filter Ornaments

What you need:
Coffee Filters
Ultra-Washable Markers
Water Cup
Drying Rack {Same used for cookies}
Silver Pipe Cleaners & tape

These were a little extra fun because I got to go wild with the colors. No holds barred you know?! It’s the last craft of our Handmade Kelso Christmas so we’re going all out! {tee hee}
For the Coffee Filter Ornaments, I used primary colors so they would mix beautifully when bled together making new colors. We’re also pretty big Oregon Duck fans so I went heavy on the green & yellow.
Then using a little metal tray {from the toaster oven} on the floor I gave Wyatt wet paintbrushes. He was way more into massaging the colors for that perfect blend than painting…. what a guy!? These are our last handmade Coffee filter ornaments going on the tree this year so you’ll have to see them in action on the REVEAL Post!


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