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DIY Christmas Decorations with Coffee Filters | Toddler Crafting

It was actually a little difficult to keep finding toddler and infant safe DIY Christmas Decorations to do for our Handmade Kelso Christmas Adventure… Until it hit me to work with COFFEE FILTERS! Cash had really enjoyed painting as this is really the most we’ve ever done it over such a short period of time. You’ve noticed… we’ve painted a lot!

DIY Christmas Decorations with Coffee Filters

His love for painting is great for me! I just needed to think of more things for him to paint. I have also really noticed an improvement in his pencil grip in just a few short weeks we’ve been painting! So let’s keep this going I thought!

I used washable markers, the “ultra” washable ones so they would have the most bleed. Then just a cup of water and a paintbrush. I would put the marker on the coffee filters, or Cash would, and then he’d just paint over it with water.

See what we made!

Below you can link through to our individual DIY Christmas Decorations. We used Coffee Filters to make Snowflakes, Ornaments, and Wreaths. Enjoy!

Snowflakes, Wreaths, Ornaments

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