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How to Make Coffee Filter Wreaths | DIY Christmas

We’re still using coffee filters to make some awesome tree decorations for our Handmade Kelso Christmas! This post is dedicated to our Coffee Filter Wreaths. See our Snowflakes HERE!
And back to the main Coffee Filter Craft post HERE

How to Make Coffee Filter Wreaths

This go around we’re making WREATHS and Wyatt has a special part to do too!

What you need:
Coffee Filters
Green Super Washable Markers
Water Cup
Drying Rack {Same used for cookies}

First, talk about what you’re doing and that you need to practice painting or drawing and then you’re going to do a science experiment. Say you want to see how wet he can make the filter. Then let your kiddos paint over it with just water. I let him use the watercolors because he likes them so much, but they didn’t really show up. For this part, I really focused on Cash’s “pencil grip” which is something we’ve been talking about in Toddler School.
Cash puts his own watercolor filters on the rack to dry.

Then we bust out the markers. Scribble all over your filters and let your kiddo do the same thing with the water and paintbrush… I promise, this will be more fun! And good thing you practiced because now he knows how to paint and doing so without the mess!

 The colors bleed together as they get wet which is super cool to watch! It does come off onto little hands though, but hey, it’s washable!


While you wait for them to dry, maintain Toddler patience and desire to continue painting {avoid a meltdown} by supplementing with a Dollar Store painting page {Love these!}


When your Coffee Filter Wreaths dry they’re going to need a fun wreath-like texture right? {Or maybe he grabbed one and you just went with it} This is where the infant comes in! Let him wrinkle them up into little wads or wreath and then they have the perfect festive texture. Thanks buddy! Your chaos is beautiful!
Here Mom! I ruined wrinkled this for you!


Take all your textured wreaths, fold then in 1/4 and cut a hole in the middle. Open them up and start decorating!

Option 1

Take the tissue paper and let them tear it into pieces. Work those little pincers by rolling them into balls {watch out for taste testing!}
Mom makes a bow and drops dots of glue, Toddler places tissue balls

Option 2

Sparkle Pom-Poms. Mom makes a glue trail and Toddler tosses pom-poms hoping they’ll stick! Mom re-glues…

Option 3

Mom makes a glue trial and Toddler throws sequins in the air which catch on the glue.

Option 4

Toddler watches a movie while Infant takes his nap and Mom makes a perfectly symmetrical silver pom-pom Coffee Filter wreaths by herself on The Mess Mat to stay sane.
 Let your Coffee Filter Wreaths all dry and hang them on the tree!


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