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Dear Moms, You don’t have to do “All the Things”

Dear Moms, You don't have to do all the THings. Mom Struggles. Real Mom Confessions. Mom Bloggers. Mom Truths. Mom Tribes. Mom Inspirations. Mom Winning. As I sit here, looking {way too} forward to school starting again, I’m reflecting on all the things we didn’t do this summer. It turns out I’m okay with that. I’m okay with doing all the things on my list, and not necessarily all the things the world thinks I’m supposed to be doing.

All the Things

Today, on Instagram {where else?} Jessica wrote a comment on this post saying, “Jeez girl, I need some of that hustle juice you’ve got going on!” which, from her perspective was totally accurate because I did just post back to back posts of my present hustles. But, it occurred to me that some people seeing my posts might think I’m doing all those ambitious things on top of all the things most moms are doing or have to do. When the reality is I’m not.

Top 10 List

It’s true, Moms must do “all the things” daily, and I know I’ve most definitely been impressed by another mom working really hard on all her “things” she loves. {Here are a few: Kelsea Joann Photography, Pink Pinecone Studio, Canyon Craft Company} Or, I’ve been extra impressed when she was doing that “eleventh” thing. I’ve determined that Moms {because we’re super heroes} can go above and beyond and do “all the things” to an extraneous list of about 10 things. I did reusable diapers, a compost bin, and some other very crunchy, super-awesome Mom things.

But 10 is my limit

So, when you’re sitting there reading my posts and thinking that I’m doing “all the things” on top of all the other things everyone else is doing too, I’m not. I only have room for my 10 because I choose not to do many of the super-awesome things many other moms do. I want to be very clear to the world that I am not doing 20 of “all the things” and that’s okay. I’ve chosen my list very carefully, so I stay sane. It may come as a shock to you, but when you see me posting about my 4 little businesses, all my crafting, and the massive Wedding Planning Event Adventures, I can only do those things because I’ve made room for them on my list of “all the things” I’m willing to juggle. Some major items had to leave my list for me to succeed.

Dear Moms, You don't have to do all the THings. Mom Struggles. Real Mom Confessions. Mom Bloggers. Mom Truths. Mom Tribes. Mom Inspirations. Mom Winning.

5 things not on my List

I don’t do laundry

{It’s true. I don’t. I know #jawdrop} Every other mom out there is always climbing her mountain of laundry and we all celebrate her for conquering one of her things. She’s an amazing mom because it’s a major stress and then accomplishment every week, or even day that she wins. She deserves a medal she really does.  I admire her. On her list of all the things, laundry is a big one. But that’s a battle I choose not to do. Who does our laundry? My husband does. He always has. I do my one load of laundry once a week. He does the rest.

I don’t sew

There are some epic moms out there who knock sewing out of the park on their list of all the things. From handmade dresses to elaborate Halloween costumes, these moms are the best of the moms. But not me. I own a sewing machine, but you will never see me make a piece of clothing with it.

I don’t pack school lunches

I will be a hot lunch queen. Why on earth would I take the time to make my kids a lunch when there is someone there to make it for them. Take my money. That is not on my list of all the things. I admire the moms who make faces and artistic scenes out of broccoli, which their kids love to eat. Mine will have to learn to live without that. Does that make me a worse mom? Nope, it’s just not on my list of “all the things” I do. I will happily wave that ship goodbye as it sails away from me.

I don’t cook

I am a crock pot champion though! High Five to all those moms out there surviving their day and then cooking a dinner. You’re truly amazing. I wish {so does my husband} that cooking was on my list of all the things, but it just doesn’t fit.

I don’t do parks

Not unless I want to have a stroke anyway. Parks and jungle gyms are not my things and you will never catch me having a play date there. Seriously, never. When my children climb a ladder or sit on a swing I only envision instant death. #anxiousmomsyndrome. This mom will leave that trip on dads list of all the things. He’s much better at that!

The Main Point

Dear Moms, you don’t have to do all the things the other moms are doing. You’re still a great mom. After all I’ve listed above, does not doing it make me a crappy mom? Nope. I’m still pretty awesome and still doing all the things I want to be doing. If there is something my kids need that isn’t on my list, I’m sure I can find a Mom who has it on hers. {I taught my 3 neighbor kids about Composting yesterday}

One mom making little robots out of juice boxes as Valentines doesn’t mean we all should. {That’s also not on my list by the way} It also doesn’t make her an over achieving mom. I guarantee her list of “all the things” is still only 10 things long too. But, if she wants heartfelt, uber crafty things on it, she can have that one and I’ll teach her kids how to Compost. #connectingmoms

Know your limits and your priorities. None of us, including and especially me are doing “all the things” all the time. You don’t have to either. Find your 10 and own them. You’re #momwinning every day you conquer your own list. You’ve got this.

The Sticky Side of Motherhood

This post comes to you from The Sticky Side of my Sweet & Sticky Stories on Motherhood. It is so easy for us moms to fall into the trap of self-doubt. We often see other moms and either feel guilty, jealous, or worse, depressed thinking that we aren’t doing enough to keep up. That my friends, is the worst thing and we should all stop right now. Do only the things that you love and that you value, nobody needs to do “all the things” I’m doing and I’m certainly not going to attempt all of your things. That’s not on my list.

Comment what isn’t in your Top 10 when it comes to “All the Things” moms are doing.

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4 thoughts on “Dear Moms, You don’t have to do “All the Things”

    1. I don’t bake either! I have sooo many cookie recipe books too! And, I used to bake more before I had kids. It’s just not worth it to me now

    1. So true. I’m already exhausted keeping up with myself, there is no way and no reason I should compare myself to others. We’re all working as hard as we can!

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