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Handmade Christmas {Toddler Craft Ornaments}

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Decorating the tree one craft project at a time! This year we’re doing a Handmade Kelso Christmas! As you probably know if you have a toddler, ornaments don’t last long on your tree! The running joke I keep seeing in all of my online Mom Blogger groups is, “How many ornaments have you lost so far?”

{Note the baby gate}

Well, I decided this year, having TWO toddlers, that we wouldn’t be losing any… in fact we’d be MAKING all of our own! Sounds fun right? Well it actually has been extremely fun, educational and really sentimental for everyone involved.

The first ornament we did was a simple Christmas Tree. I started with this as an introduction to ‘decorating the tree’ with Cash. I explained that we now had to decorate this awesome tree he found with Dad and I needed his help to do it.

We’re going to practice on these paper trees first.

I cut them out with construction paper, he used glue and the sequins, pom poms, and candy canes I had in my craft stock from previous years. I actually bought no new supplies! All done using what I could find around my house {aka FREE}

We made a tree for brother too, since Wyatt would eat everything…. let them dry and then when Dad came home we showed him and he hung them on the tree.

When Wyatt napped Cash also got to do a fingerprint candy cane {too much to handle with Wyatt awake too!} so we now had the first 3 handmade ornaments on our tree!

 Dad was pretty awesome about letting Cash choose exactly where the handmade ornaments would go. Cash wasn’t really sure at first, since he couldn’t reach his projects anymore, but he was pretty proud the rest of the evening!

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