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DIY Hat Display Stand {Repurpose Project}

As you know if you’re a blog follower or just a frequent customer, I make hats. I crochet sizes and styles from newborn to adult. Every hat I sell directly contributes to our sons’ 529 College Savings Accounts. Read more about my mission HERE

Recently I was able to expand my space inside The Picken Coop {our awesome little vendor store here in Stayton} to also sell my hats. So now I have them on sell to the public in addition to selling them online internationally on Etsy through The Vintage Event.

The bottom line is that I had a need to better display them so that they would stand out in the store. I have a huge shelf and let’s face it; they don’t look so great all just laying flat. They needed to be shown off with some flare! I am also taking my hats and the new Cotton N’ Kandi Brand to this year’s Holiday Food and Gift Fair at the Lane County Fairgrounds {Nov 13-15} and am playing with some ways to display for that! Another bonus…. I need another way to take pictures of the hats for the Etsy store… so these are a win-win-win! AND, I’m upcycling something old instead of buying actual hat stands online or something. I just can’t resist a repurposing craft project!

Materials Needed:
Brass Candlesticks
Fabric Quarters
Styrofoam balls
Spray Paint {Assorted Colors}

First things first, hit your local thrift store, I used Goodwill this time, and garage sales. Pick up some old brass candle sticks. Mine ranged in prices from $0.99 to $3.99 BUT if you only grab the one with the 50% off sticker at Goodwill you’ll be money ahead!

 Spray paint them!

I stalk pile my fabric quarters when Joann’s does there Black Friday Sale and I can get them for less than $1 each. I happened to have enough in the white spectrum for this project to all match!
Iron your squares and cut them to have the desired excess you want after they drape over the ball.


While balancing the ball on top of the candle stick synch the fabric over it and tie tight with the twine. Nope, I didn’t even glue them! So I can take them apart as needed.


The longest part of the whole process was seriously waiting for the paint to dry! I investigated many DIY hat display tutorials on Pinterest that involved wood dowels and drilling holes into the Styrofoam… and this just seemed WAY easier! Not to mention I love the shabby chic rustic look they have with the bold colors and twine.

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