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February Discovery Box | All the People I LOVE for Valentine’s Day

We kick start our month of LOVE with a super fun {but prep-intensive} Discovery Box entitled: All the People I LOVE. This is a great way to work on family recognition and or course a little discovery learning. We managed to sneak in a little science {static electricity… totally counts} too!

I first saw this idea on Instagram from fellow Mom Blogger: Allison over from @Allienonoflashcards. Follow her on Instagram or catch up with her on her blog, No Time For Flashcards.

First, I dug deep into my home computer files for pictures of our family. Let me tell you… I had to go deep to find some of you!


I then printed all of them out in a Wallet format with 9 per page on white cardstock.

Using my trusty heart punch {what mom doesn’t have this just laying around?} I entrapped our faces just so.

I made about 42 hearts for the Discovery Box

I filled it with $2 of Dollar Tree rose petals, some foam LOVE letters and a variety of little sparkle foam hearts, also from the Dollar Tree. $5 total Discovery Box + labor and Advil for the punch wrist.

I made up some graphic organizers to serve as a family chart that we could match names and faces.

And then the fun began!


I presented it on The Mess Mat


Cash dug in and started finding people. We had great conversations about people in the pictures. Some pictures were of two or more people so we could talk about relationships and family connections.

I then showed Cash the charts and read each name to him. He couldn’t remember them all, and he can’t read, but a few shorter names he can catch. See our video HERE on Instagram where he finds Auntie Bre.

Finally, inevitably Cash dumped out all the petals and even flung them in the air. Raining Roses! An instant lesson in gravity and static electricity!

Needless to say we had a wonderful time looking through and discussing all the people we LOVE!

It was a great way to start our February!


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