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I’ll show you the way…

I’m Kandice, wife & mom of boys {Hooligan #1 and #2} here in this Cotton Kandi Life that we’ve built together. Being a mom is tough, running a business from  home is tough, but keeping it all together without losing your mind might be the hardest part of all

Let’s make our way through it together!

Would you love to have more time in your day to achieve everything on your list? 
Are there small areas of your house driving you crazy with clutter and inefficiency?
Do you have a daily routine problem keeping you down?
Are you looking for simple, effective solutions for the mini struggles in your #momlife?
Does your Toddler need some structure, a schedule or perhaps simple behavioral modifications?

Join me…

As I tackle one life struggle at a time with posts on Thursdays. By receiving the Newsletter you’ll read about:

Life Organizing…

Armed with my label maker, checklists, dry erase charts, simple solutions and expertise in small system efficiency I’m going through my own life style week by week and sharing my little tips and tricks with my readers. I’m sharing how I Build Schedules that increase Production, how to prepare for some BIG life changes in simple steps like Packing your Hospital Bag or Merging your kids’ closet when a new baby comes home.


Toddler School…

I’m also teaching my two little Toddlers in a home school pre-school and tackling their little behavioral quirks as we go. Enroll in my Toddler School and follow along or just tag along as I conquer behaviors like Teaching Toddlers to be Clean, Gentleman Training and even some Products that help a busy mom out! Plus you’ll get full education Units like Teaching Toddlers about the Rainbow and Pirate Month!

You can read all about me and my background in Education & Efficiency {the word across my tombstone} HERE 

Making Mommy Money…

I think the hardest life change for me after becoming a mom was the transition OUT of the working world and into a home office. You contribution to your household {no matter your transitions in life} is a whopper when that baby arrives! I have no less financial obligations, but I now also have children to raise… So I have to be clever about earning an income from my couch. I do still own and run my own company Green-Eyed Girl Productions {now from home and on a much smaller scale} which is my main financial contribution… but I have created an awesome passive income for myself online and through apps on my Smart Phone which I affectionately call Mommy Money


AND, I have a gift for you…


My New EBook on How to Build your Mom School Block Schedule

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