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I know this post is hitting the blog a little late, after 2014 Halloween, but there is still plenty of time for 2015! Or, many of my newborn “costumes” are perfect for newborn photography props ANY time of the year! My first round of costumes goes to The Very Hungry Caterpillar…. one of my favorite books as a kid and in the classroom. I made this before I knew the gender of our second baby (boy) in case were were going to do a little girl themed photo shoot. The Caterpillar can definitely still be worn by a boy though! Stay tuned for pictures of Wyatt in it when he finally arrives in January!

 Next up for costumes, since Halloween is obviously in the fall as well, I decided to go with a football outfit. This way dad can be a football player carrying around his little trophy all evening. Also for all my huge Duck Fan friends, this makes for great newborn photos! This is the costume I actually had two RUSH orders placed on Etsy the Monday before Halloween this year (on a Friday) begging me to priority ship them. I was up until wee hours of the morning but got them both finished… One went to Alabama and another to Ohio… hmmm College football anyone?

Specifically for Halloween now, I didn’t get too carried away since it is only a month long season. I did make this little Frankenstein Hat though! More of an experiment with sewing on eyes. 

Now Bessy here isn’t exactly Halloween, but I still think qualifies as a costume. Plus, I made her in October so she makes the post. My niece NEVER wears hats and for some reason wanted to wear this particular one all day! Great for a farm play, pageant, newborn photography prop, or just for fun. Order yours here!
 Here she is “reading” an animal book to my son Cash where she is pointing out the cows and making MOO sounds…They are in what we call “book club” after nap time where they “read” books to each other independently. They are about 14 & 15 months old in these pictures.

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