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Handmade Kelso Christmas {2015}

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This year, in our new Stayton home, with two Toddlers, Cash 2.5 and Wyatt, his first Christmas at 11 Months old, I decided to go a new and fun route with the Christmas Tree. Last year we actually didn’t decorate much because I was 8+ Month pregnant, so this year was sort of a whole new beginning to the Kelso Family tradition. It’s like we are having our first REAL Christmas now that the boys are both old enough to really participate and {sort of} know what’s going on. My husband and I are like, PARENTS now and I suddenly felt the pressure to follow through on all the awesome family traditions and memories that I had as a kid. My husband and I would talk about all the cool stuff our parents did for us and we realized…. That’s US now! We better get serious!
So here is the post, the story, the journey of our Handmade Kelso Christmas and the family traditions and memories Billy and I have set out to make for our boys.
I’ll include the dramatic {not really} REVEAL of our handmade Christmas tree at the end.

Our story starts with Pudding Painting right before Thanksgiving. Mom likes to get her cards out early! Plus we had some special notes for the grandparents. After Thanksgiving, some precious memories are made by Billy taking his son to hunt down a
tree… a fond history he shares with his father.

Pudding Painting continues for a second round and then the crafts begin! We’re still in Toddler School so most activities happen on The Mess Mat. We work on patterns, tracing, cutting and of course gluing. One of my big goals for this month is PENCIL GRIP for Cash… we’re trying to choke up on the instrument and control our hand! He makes MAJOR improvements by the end!
We take a nature walk and jump in some puddles, wrinkle some coffee filters and play with wrapping paper tubes… follow along with our adventure below and Happy Holidays to you all! Merry Christmas!

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