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Handmade Kelso Christmas Tree 2015 {The REVEAL!}

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It is finally finished! It has been a long, crafty month but our tree is finally ready for Christmas! Cash was quite excited when I took the baby gate away to take these pictures! He even yelled, “SURPRISE!” and “Ta-Da!” a few times!

Here she is! Let’s take a look….

You can find all of our craft projects and lesson plans at the main post for Handmade Kelso Christmas HERE.

We worked on patterns, cutting, tracing, gluing, rolling paper, pudding painting, nature walking, water coloring and puppet making! I’d also say that our pencil grip improved tremendously over the past few weeks!

I also couldn’t resist making one of my doily banners in red! You can find them on Etsy, but this post isn’t about me selling stuff… just wanted to let you know what’s on the tree! The boys didn’t help with that one, but I did make it 🙂

Cash has to make a few adjustments and clean up some pine needles

He’s tossing pine needles

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