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Heart Stamping with Pudding Painting | Valentine’s Day Activities

The intent was to of course make Valentine’s for February. That plan did not come full circle… sorry grandparents. Apparently, the boys have a much different interpretation of how things should go when mom breaks out the pudding paint… I blame our Handmade Christmas festivities… {with a big ole’ grin}

Anyway, they still had fun, and Cash did manage to make one heart before scooping up all of the pudding by hand and running it towards the bathtub… No Mess Mat rules apply apparently when there is pudding paint involved! They do love it so…

Heart Stamping with Pudding Paint

Look how nice and lovely I present it for them to wake up to on the Mess Mat… I even stamp down a few role modeled, precious hearts to inspired them….

 Without even noticing my heart stampers {made of toilet paper rolls I so meticulously crushed and folded in all the right places} Wyatt immediately sticks his little hand straight into the pudding.



He then starts licking it like ice-cream {there’s pudding on the end} and shaking it because Mom has obviously hidden something inside this stupid thing that I’m supposed to “discovery” {I didn’t}



 “What gives Mom?! No hidden treasure? Am I just supposed to bang it on this paper? Deal!”
– your intellectual son Wyatt



We have a mini-breakthrough… I think he noticed they’re hearts!



And then he crushes them…



 “Hey Mom, what’s brother doing?” Thank goodness I’m saved by the 2-Year old! {How many moms say that sincerely?}



Cash plucks on over and politely begins stamping away… {phew! Mom efforts saved right?}


The Valentine Craft heathens earn there way here…




 “All Pudding Painting should always happen HERE Mom! Understood?”
-your precious, angel, snowflake son Wyatt


Lesson learned… sorry I tried Heart Stamping Valentines…. perhaps there is a more crafty kid out there who can handle pudding painting without ending up in the bathtub… which is apparently where we obviously should have started! #familytradition
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