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Hosting Christmas Breakfast | Quiche & Cocoa

We have a big family. By that I mean there are a lot of separate sides to the family. My husband and I each have divorced parents {like most of our generation} but our kids are lucky enough to have 4 sets of grandparents. Hooray! While that is delightful, it sometimes makes the Holidays even more difficult when you have to travel and see everyone. How do we solve this issue of complex traveling? You bring the party to you of course, by Hosting Christmas Breakfast.Hosting Christmas Breakfast. Recipes and How To Guides. Quiche Buffet & Cocoa Bar

This year I had the privilege of hosting Christmas at our house on Christmas Eve morning. My husband’s whole side joined us, for a total of 12 people and 4 toddlers. We opted to do our Christmas celebration in the morning since we had other families to travel to later in the day. This made the traditional Christmas Feast for this family into a Breakfast.

Obviously, as the host, there was pressure to put on a good showing as this was their big Christmas Feast. I chose Quiche because they are easy enough while still festive and pretty. I also loved the idea of making a variety so that everyone would be happy, or at least have an option. I also knew too, as a bonus, that my own kids would actually eat it!

The Quiche Buffet

I spent most of December practicing and perfecting Quiche Recipes to prepare for this Chrismas Breakfast. I certainly recommend doing the same if you’ve not yet made a recipe before. I definitely changed a few things and was glad I did test runs because I changed a lot of cook times and temperatures to avoid undercooked middles.

We went through a lot of trial, which Billy and the boys did not mind at all and settled on these final, delicious creations. I have written separate blog posts with their printable recipes too!

Zucchini Ricotta– Majorly delicious

Applewood Ham & Asparagus– The Crowd Favorite

Veggie Medley– The Gold Medal Trophy for Pretty

Ham & Cheese- The Classic & Kid Favorite

Applewood Ham & Asparagus Quiche with Printable RecipeZucchini Ricotta Quiche Recipe, Christmas Breakfast MenuVEggie Medley Quiche Recipe. Printable Recipe and How to. Eggplant, Zucchini, Yellow Squash and Red Bell Pepper

The Signage

People ask me all the time how I do all my chalk writing. I finally confessed all of my secrets over on my Party Planning Blog, Green-Eyed Girl Productions. If you would like to know how to make your chalkboard writing picture perfect, head over there and read <THIS POST> on Chalkboard Writing.

How to make Snowman Mugs with Sharpie Pens. Holiday Toddler Project

The Details

I firmly believe that presentation is key… probably why I’m an Event Planner in real life. So when it came to having a Cocoa Bar for the Kids I really wanted to give them an extra special little something. I landed on the idea of these cute little Snowman Mugs. Truth be told, Cash came home with one from Preschool and I thought it was wonderful! So I made 3 more…

See how to make them <HERE> 

The Menu

The remaining Breakfast Menu had all sorts of goodies. My favorite was this Grape & Cheese Tree Tray. I just so happened to have the perfect tray, which is actually a cookie plate. We cubed 4 kinds of cheese and used red and green grapes. I then added springs of Dill because I thought it looked the most like mini fir tree 🙂

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! Maybe you’ll serve some quiche next year 😉
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