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How to Make Seed Bomb Appreciation Gifts

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One of my favorite things about Spring is all of the flowers. The sunshine comes out and in just a few weeks school will be out for the summer. That means it is also time to Appreciate those Teachers. In fact, Teacher Appreciation Week is usually in the first few weeks of May. This year #MySweetandSticky are giving their teachers a super cute, affordable and simple Teacher Appreciation Gift to tell them, “You’re the Bomb!”

Seed Bomb Appreciation Gifts

The gifts that we’re giving this year were a whopping $3 each thanks to the DIY Project we did and The Dollar Tree. The DIY Kids Project were these awesome Seed Bombs that we attached to Appreciation Cards. You can find the How to Make Seed Bombs DIY Project Post here. And you can download the Seed Bomb Appreciation cards in my Etsy Shop.

Gardening Appreciation Gifts

Once we had the Seed Bombs we just had to put them into a gift. For that I ran to the trusty Dollar Tree where I snagged a pair of gardening gloves and this fun little tin bucket.

Make your gift your own

You can add some other trinkets to your Appreciation Gifts as you see fit including some candy or more gardening tool. These Appreciation Gifts work great for Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation Week.

Teachers Plant Seeds that Grow Forever is a great Teacher Quote for Teacher Appreciation Week. Tell your teachers "You're the Bomb!" with Lavender Seed Bombs the kids can make with this Kids DIY Project

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