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As with most bloggers, our income is based entirely on blog traffic and clicks. The more people I have clicking around my blog the more I am paid per click on an ad and the higher I rank on The Google Machine. I am willing and able to give you all of these glorious downloads for FREE because I’m counting on your clicks 😉 Help a girl out:

Affiliate Clicks

All Bloggers have affiliations with websites around the internet. We sprinkle our entire blog with links to our affiliates {affiliate links} and if you click through those links and make a purchase, we earn anywhere from 3%-12% of the sale. This means that we make a passive income with these links. You do not have to be buying anything from us specifically, just anything on the other end of our link. My biggest two are Amazon and Etsy.

Amazon Affiliate Link

If you have ANYTHING in your cart on Amazon, click through MY AMAZON AFFILIATE LINK before you checkout. I’m an Amazon Influencer and could earn from 4% to 10% on anything you purchase on Amazon. It doesn’t have to be from me. Just anything in your Amazon Cart.

Etsy Affiliate Link

The same goes for Etsy. I am also an Etsy Affiliate, so if you click through MY ETSY AFFILIATE LINK to Etsy before you checkout I can earn a 4% commission. You do not have to be buying from me either, in fact, I don’t make commissions in my own shops. So, if you’re buying from anyone else on Etsy, please click through from here.

Making a purchase through ANY of my affiliates would make a HUGE impact on my Mommy Money Income. Below is a full list of my Affiliates. PLEASE check here any time you’re making an online purchase <3

Referral Clicks

My second biggest source of Mommy Money comes from Referral Credits. This is when I recommend you sign up for a service or subscription and I get a flat rate per person. The biggest one is Ebates, which gives me $25 per PERSON. If you’re not a member yet, you can snag $10 of your own by using my link:

ACKL Affiliates

All of these affiliates give me a commission for sales made through the links. Thank you so much for supporting us and them!


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Affiliate Disclaimer: My blog is heavily monetized with numerous affiliate links throughout. If you click on these links and make a purchase I earn a small commission. THANK YOU for helping me build the boys’ college savings accounts! Please feel free to visit all of our affiliates and read the entire disclosure/disclaimer HERE

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