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Nature Hunt Frosty {Christmas Craft}

While Wyatt was napping today, Cash got to do his favorite thing…. Go outside! In the spirit of our Handmade Kelso Christmas I thought up a way to get Cash outdoors in between rain showers. He loved getting to wear his rubber boots and demanded to wear the SANTA hat over every other.

I just printed up a quick list of item, mostly just to give him the experience of collecting things off of a list… not a common concept for a toddler so hey, why not? I used numbers that he could recognize and we did a quick, game-plan huddle before we left the porch out into the drizzle. I told him we needed 2 sticks, 6 pebbles, 2 pine cones and a handful of branches with needles.
This was his face after I told him we had a LOT to get and we had to HURRY!

Before we went out I just shaped a simple snowman in Microsoft word out of 3 circles. You can download your own PDF printable HERE. I printed him on white card stock and cut him out myself {missed opportunity for scissor practice I know!} Mom Confession: Sometimes you just want it to be pretty!

We started off strong with the sticks, weren’t too interested in any pebbles {those are just rocks mom!} and managed to stay focused enough for ONE pine cone in the basket… He did manage to pick up a few branches too when I showed him what they were.

His attention span quickly turned to… PUDDLES! I guess you put a kid in rain boots and you’re asking fora distraction!
Check out Cash Puddle Jumping HERE

It took a lot of convincing and finally when his hands got too cold we were able to come inside, eat lunch and then continue on with the project. After all, our collected supplies had to dry!

With cotton balls Cash glued on the snowman became Frosty. He then picked his two stick arms and counted 6 pebble buttons into place. Using construction paper he tore a carrot nose. Silly eyes are pretty much a Toddler Mom craft supply staple, so he used those too!

 This is what I get when I say hold him up and smile! We’re still working on posing for pictures… 

 He shows dad when he gets home, who then helps him ceremoniously place it in the tree. The fun part is that Cash is finally starting to understand that HE is decorating the tree with his crafts. This time around he knew exactly where he wanted the Frosty in the tree! 

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