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How to Make Incredible Edible Ooze | Sensory Play

How to Make Incredible Edible Ooze. Sensory Play Recipes DIY Slime RecipesThis activity has become a constant on The Mess Mat for morning play. *Mom Note: be prepared to head into the bathtub afterward! I began doing Ooze when Wyatt was about 8 months old.

Incredible Edible Ooze

This is an edible recipe that is safe for them to put in their mouth, since, let’s face it; EVERYTHING is going in their mouths at that age! This lesson does take advanced planning, overnight…

What you need

  1. Minute Tapioca Pearls {Available at Winco by the pudding} Or Amazon Prime yourself some RIGHT NOW
  2. Measuring Cup
  3. Hot Water

Read the directions on your Tapioca Pearls box for the minute recipe. You can absolutely make them in the microwave, let them cool and then use them same day. My experience with that is they get a little goopy.


How to Make Ooze

  1. ¼ Cup Pearls into a glass measuring cup then,
  2. Fill your cup to 1 Cup full with HOT water while the pearls are at the bottom
  3. Let it sit for a few hours and absorb.
  4. You can do it early morning for afternoon play, or overnight for a morning Mess Mat Activity.
  5. To color the Ooze just add a few drops of food dye to your water.

**Do make sure the Ooze is cool enough to play with before you start. Also, none of my statements about it being safe to eat are approved by the FDA…. Watch your kiddo, ingestion is probably not the main focus for fun here…. They COULD put it in their mouth, but they probably shouldn’t consume it. Catch my drift?

Set out a low tub and let their hands get messy! I fill my tub with any extra scoops, or spoons to add extra discovery fun.

Side Note: I would actually do this activity on top of a Mess Mat that is NOT taped down. You can then just pick it up, haul it outside and shake it off. You can even rinse it off in the bathtub for easier {and faster} cleanup. Perhaps just toss a second, loose Mess Mat {$1 Shower Curtain Liner} over your taped down one.


 Have so much fun with your OOZE!

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