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Infant Stocking Stuffers {Holiday Shopping Guide}

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So Wyatt get’s a stocking this year! This is his first Christmas and he’s nearly a year old {born in January}. He’s actually at a very fun age right now and is often on sensory overload! He is either exploring his senses or eating new foods! Since my whole approach to Stockings is to be practical and promote creativity {See Toddler Stockings & Mom Stockings} here is what the infant will be getting:

Sugar-Free Pudding Mix: The sensory painting activities are endless with this Mom Stock Crafting staple! It is edible, which is essential for this age when EVERYTHING goes straight into their mouths! Check out Wyatt’s most recent Pudding Painting HERE. And as always, keep up with him on Instagram!

Water Cup: Wyatt is just starting to drink other things than just milk. He LOVES his brother’s cups and quickly attacks them whenever Cash sets them down… so it is time for his own!

Replay Dishes: Every day he is trying a new food! Awhile ago he actually started refusing to eat off a spoon and wanted to pick everything up himself. These plates {recycled milk jugs- gush!} are an awesome addition to your kitchen because they’re QUIET! Guess, what, if they aren’t putting it in their mouth, they’re flinging it on the floor! No crashing plastic! Plus they’re divided into 3 convenient sections.

Munchkin Food Taster: Most common item put inside this… ICE CUBES! Your little teether will thank you! You can also better monitor consumption of whole fruits like bananas and more without worrying about choking! They just mush it out when they chew on it. I actually make my homemade baby food in ICE CUBE form, which fits into these nicely so he can eat and teething sooth at the same time.

Yummi Pouches: Another fantastic transition item into solid foods! I love these particularly because they are reusable. Infants can honestly produce a lot of refuse on the food development if you’re not careful. Between the food jars, pouches and formula cans, your garbage can will thank you for the more things you can find that are reusable. So will your wallet. I first bought Yummi Pouches when Cash was a yearling…. And he still loves them! You can get them HERE {I am not an affiliate, I just like

Masking Tape and Plastic Storage Bags: I cannot say it enough how often I use Masking Tape! It’s truly a bit ridiculous and people make fun of me for it. I’ve accepted it… you will too when you’re trying to entertain kids all day! You fill your plastic bags for Sensory Play and then strap it down to the floor. You can secure artwork and just do SO MUCH with it! Trust me! You’ll be glad you have some on hand!

Baby Mum-Mums: These are rice-rusk crackers that come in multiple flavors. They are basically a wafer that dissolves in baby spit. PERFECT for inquisitive infants how are fascinated by chewing. I keep them in my purse and car for shopping trip melt down prevention.

Yogurt Drops: Another insanely genius infant snack {read time stall while you prepare real baby food} These instant dissolving droplets of freeze dried ‘yogurt’ are quite handy when your little dude is melting-down-hungry and you’ve got to get through the checkout line, the basketball game, the Christmas party, whatever you’re trying to make it through, these will help!

Noodles: Every mom of an infant just needs to have a hefty noodle stash on hand for endless Mess Mat Sensory Play! I keep a variety of styles and sizes to give him options. Quick, easy, edible fun for a good solid 25 minutes… what mom wouldn’t want that for their bumkin?

Puff Cereal Bites: Similar to Yogurt Drops, these crafty puffs of delicious goodness can keep a baby occupied for a few minutes while you manage the next transition. {Very helpful and convenient to have on hand} When he gets older you can easily sub these out for other bulk cereals that perhaps don’t dissolve as quickly.

And there you have it! My hungry, creative and sensory overload little {not at all really} guy is getting a lot of food enabling goodies for his Christmas morning Stocking… and he will be delighted!

 **Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate for any of the above brands and am not being compensated in any way for promoting them. I just use and like these specific items, honestly, I do!

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