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Blogging Income Report for A Cotton Kandi Life. Blogging Incomes. How to make Money Online. Mom Blogger Incomes WAHM Income Report. How to make money Blogging. Blogging Money Reports.Happy February! That means one month of 2016 down and it’s time to report and reflect on my goals. My first month went well… Turns out I still have no idea what I’m doing… But Thank You for checking in on me and my Blogging goals for 2016. My goal for 2016 is to expand this blog, as I am more and more realizing that this is actually the job I’m best at. To get the full rundown on my 2016 Game Plan, visit my original Mommy Money on the Internet Post HERE.

To recap if you’re just joining, in 2016 I’m going to:

Build the Internet into a bigger financial contributor

Goal: $4,750
{2015 = $1,923.80}
Here is the break down per area I outlined in my original New Year’s post and how I did for January:

Sales Goals

Tradesy: $1,500 or more in total sales for 2016
                January Report: $275.73 Help a girl out and go shopping: GEG Reusable Wedding Store Blog

Etsy: The Vintage Event– $200 in sales per month or $2,400 for the year
                January Report: $30.50 … WAY below goal… bummer. Here’s to hoping Easter is BIG!

Etsy: Cotton N Kandi– $50 in sales per month or $600 for the year
                January Report: $36.75 … not bad! I’ll start promoting my Easter hats NOW!
Online Sales Earnings 2016 Goal: $4,500
= $375 per month needed
January = $342.98
That means -$32.02 for January Sales Goals

Blogging Goals

The Mom blog was doing very well at the beginning of the year. I’m hoping to grow it by meeting and passing these goals per month:

A Cotton Kandi Life: Traffic Goals

Page Views per Month: 24,000
                January: 23,747 {under goal}
Adsense Per Day Earnings: $1
                January: $0.35 {under goal}
Adsense Per 28 Day Earnings: $10
                January: $11.02 {over goal}
Sponsored Posts in January = 0

Blog Earnings 2016 Goal: $200 – $250
=$16.66 – $20.83 per month
January = $11.02 {$5.64 under goal}

As stated in my original post I believe in order to accomplish BOTH my online sales and blog income goals I must continually work at increasing my Internet presence and “impact” which is calculated by the Klout App. Klout measures your internet REACH and how many people you’re influencing. Here are my current Klout Stats:
Klout Score 77 or higher- Currently at 54
                Goal: Become an EXPERT in something else… I am already an EXPERT in Public Speaking… Who knew?
January: MET!! I am now considered an EXPERT in Time Management!                 January Score now at 57
To increase my internet ‘clout’ I must improve and increase these following internet platforms. I’ve outlined my goals for the year below…
Instagram Following: 500 or more- Jan 1 at 351
                January Report: I now have 532 followers! Goal surpassed! Achieved by using #hashtags and following others.
Facebook {Green-Eyed Girl}: Increase following to 600- Jan 1 at 485
                January Report501 Followers {+16}                                 Honestly, no effort put here this month
Facebook {A Cotton Kandi Life}: Increase following to 600- Jan1  at 287
                January Report: 320 Followers {+33}                                 Honestly, no effort put here this month
Google+ {Blog Community}: Increase following to 100- Jan at 80
January Report: 87 Followers {+7}
                I joined many new Communities and had hoped for more than 7… We’ll see about February.
Twitter: Increase to 200- Jan 1 at 182
January Report: 259 Followers {+77 how did that happen? I hit this one the most}
I started scheduling content tweets through Klout and actually tweeting thoughts, not just Etsy listings
Linked In: I STILL suck worse at this than even Twitter… No changes in January
Goal: Learn how and the heck to use this effectively. What is it even for anyway?
Rebuild branding and boards, increase followers to 700 from 685 and participate in more group boards.
January Report: Welp I lost 35 Followers, but I think I know why that is… I need to fix the IFTTT
recipes which over pin. JUST DID. So that should help!

In Closing

January = $354 awesome dollars made
-$43.04 {under goal}
You win some you lose some. In all fairness, I’m still trying to figure out my next Toddler School unit so Blog posts are pretty random right now and even I struggle to follow them! I can only imagine how disorganized that looks to potential customers. January also tends to be a low sales month right after Christmas so I’ll hope for a good Valentine’s Day and Easter recovery! I did achieve and even pass a few goals like Instagram Followers and Blog Adsense Income! Hooray! Let’s go February!
I’ll be posting monthly progress report this year too so you can follow along! To catch up on my progress or follow along from start to finish here are the links:

Original Goals: 2016 Making Mommy Money Online

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