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Literacy Fun {Dinosaur Hats}

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Literacy Fun {Dinosaur Hats}  
Once upon a time I shared some strategies that I use within our Literacy Corner to shake things up a bit. One of those strategies involved wearing costumes! You can imagine my great joy, while walking through the Dollar Tree, shopping for Dinosaur Month supplies before we started Dinosaurs, and I saw THESE! For $3 I was able to set us up for several weeks of fun reading and creative play.


I bought 3 dinosaur hats, one for each of us in different

 One of our literacy goals for this unit was spelling, with
an emphasis on “voice” and expression.

We were able to read books “as Dinosaurs” in our hats!
It seems so simple right?

Cash would ROAR letter sounds and we worked on
reading as two characters. In a book where people are talking to each other,
Cash began {sort of} to see that they could have different voices when read
aloud. Some great literacy scaffolding at work! 
You can do this with any hat too! {and maybe we will} Read like a pirate, a sailor, a viking, a princess. Find a fun hat and let their creativity flow. Get into character with them too! 

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