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Little City {Storytelling Lesson}

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One of my boys’ favorite new toys for Christmas were these
little light-up, talking cars and trucks. We just so happened to be
transitioning between themes in Toddler School so I thought this would make an
excellent Transition Lesson for us! 
What you need:
  1. Butcher Paper {I used the roll off of their easel}
  2. Drawing supplies {Crayons, Markers, etc}
  3. Vehicles {The more diverse the better!}

Drawing your Little
Use your masking tape {top Mom Supply Kit essential} and
secure your paper to the floor. Before the boys were awake I drew on a little
road loop using 2 black crayons and one of their toys as a stencil.
Then, when they came over to the scene of blinky cars I
presented the following idea….
“Let’s make your cars a LITTLE CITY!”
Cash was totally excited for that!
One of my goals from our previous unit on Dinosaur was
reading comprehension. I wanted to see how well Cash could follow and actually
tell a story. More so, I wanted Cash to recognize parts of a story including
scene, characters, and sequence {Beginning, Middle & End}. By using the
Little City I could easily provoke conversations like a ‘quiz’ for him.
The Lesson:

Scene: We began by
talking about our scene. I old Cash our piece of paper was like a page in a
book. I then explained that our obnoxious adorable blinking vehicles
were all of the characters in our story.
Cash immediately looked around and said to me in
desperation, “Mom where are the words?!”

 “Exactly buddy! We need to tell the story ourselves”

Characters: I
picked up a vehicle {the ambulance} and asked him what it was. He really didn’t
know. Conversations ensued about picking up sick or hurt people and taking them
to a hospital. The ambulance driver is a good helper. Things like that.
Cash made the ambulance drive around and around in circles
on our road. Until he said, “He needs a hospital!” As if it were the best idea
he had ever had in the world….
So I pick up a crayon and ask him the shape of a building.
He decided on a rectangle and a square. I then wrote in the word HOSPITAL {yep,
that terrible handwriting in the picture is mine…. You thought it was a toddler’s
didn’t you!?}
Cash then proceeded to drive his ambulance around in circles,
occasionally pulling in to the hospital driveway to let the “good helpers” out.
We continued drawing our city with our vehicles until we had
a farm for the tractor, a parking lot for the tow truck and a home for the car
full of kids.
Wyatt was there too! He gave us some great “rain” and
puddles with his drawing skills that worked its way into the story.
Our final story, as
told by Cash:
The farmer needed food, so the tow truck came and got him.
He was towed to the parking lot, where he walked to the hospital with Dad. They
got food and feel better. Then they drove the car to the rain and jumped in
puddles. The End.
Not bad for a toddler.
I hope you have fun making up stories and drawing cities
with your little ones!
Tell me your stories below!
I’d love to hear how
their little minds work!

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