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Why we Love Kiwi Crate & Why You will too | Farm Life

Why we love Kiwi Crate and why you will too. Subscription Box for Kids. Creative Activities for Toddlers. Koala CrateToday was another Kiwi Crate Day in our house! The UPS Man came and dropped the Crate off on our doorstep, which the boys quickly noticed and started shouting, “Our Crate, our Crate!” as they barreled to the door like puppies at chow time. This Crate was all about The Farm, which is perfect and just in time for Spring because it just so happened to teach about gardening. It’s like they read my mind, and Kiwi Crate does not disappoint.

Why we LOVE Kiwi Crate…

The age level that I Subscribe to is actually called Koala Crate, which is a joyous extension of the Kiwi Crate Family Brands. These Crates are a creative activity Subscription Box for kids. Koala Crate is the younger addition which meets the ages of my Hooligans.
Koala Crate: Ages 3-4
Kiwi Crate: Ages 5-8

The creator, Sandra, mom of 2 kids designed the Subscription as a means for creative materials to find their way to kids for easy, inspired discovery play right at their doorstep.

There are many reasons I love them which extends from the excitement my boys get when it arrives {I imagine it’s like for them what it is for me when my FabFitFun arrives, so who doesn’t deserve that?} to the pre-planned, educational lessons and extension activities it plans for me. Each box is full of age appropriate craft supplies and 3-4 Lesson plans that you go through with your child or children.

I couldn’t recommend Kiwi Crate more highly. Sign up today and

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Why we love Kiwi Crate and why you will too!

Kiwi Characters

Each box contains a pretty awesome and well-planned Imagine booklet that kids read through with the Kiwi Crate Characters. Ella Alligator, Peter Parrot, and Kellan Koala have a problem or a question that the lessons in the Crate help them solve. I love this part too. For this Farm themed Crate, the Characters wanted to know why the watermelons needed water to grow. We also learned what baby animals are called and about the jobs, each farm animal has, such as cows give the milk and cats chase the mice.


The Farm Crate

This Crate, which again could not have arrived at a better time {it’s like they know what they’re doing over there ;)} started with a lesson on Vegetables and planting them in a garden. We made finger puppets of farm animals, learned why barns are red {you’ll have to get your own Crate to find out} and trotted around our play barnyard.

The Veggie Garden

We used beads and pipe cleaners to make carrots, turnips, onions and radishes. Fine motor skills at work! We then got to “plant” them and play a matching game by pulling them out of the soil. Cash may have cheated… twice. They also got stickers to decorate the garden box for even more fine motor practice. This was Wyatt’s favorite part.

Why we love Kiwi Crate and why you will too. Subscription Box for Kids. Creative Activities for Toddlers. Koala Crate

The Farm Animals

I got a little more involved than I should have by doing all the noses and tails. I did let them go crazy with the eyes though. We talked about animals only having two eyes, and then Cash proceeded to put 6 on the pig. #thestruggleisreal. They loved the eyes and we got pretty crazy, but they had a ridiculous amount of fun. They made their puppets trot around the barnyard cut out and roll in the mud. The Chicken Finger Puppet got to sleep in the hay and the Horse raced all around every field. They play all day long.

Why we love Kiwi Crate and why you will too. Subscription Box for Kids. Creative Activities for Toddlers. Koala Crate


Why you’ll love it too…

If you’re a busy Mom looking for an already planned, educational activity set for your kids, Kiwi Crate is for you. I already do a lot with my kids but as we all know, I run short on time to prepare and my brain gets tired of being “on” all the time. I am thankful to have the Kiwi Characters take a shift once a month. Not only is the Crate’s arrival day a big day, but the activities keep going for days after. Not only am I always impressed by the content they cover in each box, but the excitement on my boys’ faces when it arrives is worth it enough for me. They LOVE it! They look forward to it, and your kids will too. 😉

See our other Koala Crate Post about WIND HERE and remember to Get $10 off your FIRST BOX when you sign up for Kiwi Crate. **This is my Affiliate Link which might earn Cash & Wyatt a free box if you use it 😉

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