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Blogging Income Report for A Cotton Kandi Life. Blogging Incomes. How to make Money Online. Mom Blogger Incomes WAHM Income Report. How to make money Blogging. Blogging Money Reports.July was a whirlwind, and frankly… I don’t even remember it… I was focused on my day job, Wedding Planner, and had a full wedding season. My Team and I did 15 weddings this summer. You can head on over to my other blog for those details…

Over here in Mom-Land I did not do much. However, this Online Income report does include the wedding blogs and online stores so it effects the outcome. Which did well, still.

If you’re just joining in on this monthly income report series, my goal for 2016 is to expand this blog into a financial contributor so that I can stay home more and learn with my Hooligans.

I write 2 blogs, this mom blog {You’re here! Thanks!} and another blog for my career as a Wedding & Event Coordinator, which you can find HERE. This report is a combination of the two blogs. Truth be told, it IS wedding season right now, so I am busy with my in person clients {really busy} so blogging is taking a back seat for the next few months. I’m actually heading out the door for a rehearsal right now! #ALLSummerFridays

Please join me by subscribing below as this Newbie Blogger fumbles her way through each Ah-Ha moment and forehead slap…perhaps I’ll save you a month or two on your own blog! 

To get the full rundown on my 2016 Game Plan visit my original Mommy Money on the Internet Post HERE.

The punch line for the year is to:

Build the Internet into a bigger financial contributor

Year Goal: $4,750
{2015 = $1,923.80}

July enters…

The Great Migration

I finally did it. I moved my websites {all 3 of them} over to WordPress from Blogger. I became self-hosted with Siteground and worked with Linda Martin & Performance Foundry for the overall migration. It was a lot of work, but overall very successful. Thanks Manuel! 

You too can Optimize your websites with Performance Foundry by reserving any one of their WordPress Services.

Performance Foundry also does hosting and they give you a LOT for your money. Inquire about switching to their hosting service HERE.

My budget sent me in the direction of Siteground for hosting. If your budget is much smaller like mine {you also get way less} then perhaps looking into hosting with Siteground.

Web Hosting

This is really all I did the month of July. I migrated, tweaked and ironed out wrinkles that couldn’t possibly migrate such as teh Blogger re-directs on Pinterest and the Alt Text titles for images. I published no new content, except on the wedding blog, and yet…
 Here are this month’s results:

Sales Goals

Tradesy: July Report: $385.06 This is where I sell my wedding supplies. You can sell your clothing and maternity clothes too. Not to mention buy pre-loved items at great costs! Join and start selling your stuff too. Here’s a $20 credit off your first purchase just for you!

Etsy: The Vintage Event– July Report: $321.94 Goal surpassed! I sell my vintage and digital downloads here.

Etsy: Cotton N Kandi– July Report: $52.00 … This is the Brand for the Mom Blog where I sell my home school ideas, downloads and crochet. I sold several baby hats in the summer even!

Online Sales Earnings 2016 Goal: $4,500
= $375 per month needed
July = $759
Way over the monthly Sale Goals {again!}

Blogging Goals

A Cotton Kandi Life: Income Report

Adsense July: $6.31 
Affiliate Earnings…
Amazon: $25.55
Ebates: $4.52- It’s free money when you shop so you might as well sign up too! I got a $40 BONUS from Ebtes just for referring 2 people with my referral code  Join Ebates today… Here’s $10 for joining! The YOU can start referring people too!
Blog Earnings 2016 Goal: $200 – $250
=$16.66 – $20.83 per month
July= $36.38

As stated in my original post I believe in order to accomplish a larger blog income I must continually work at increasing my Internet presence and “impact” which is calculated by the Klout App. Klout measures your internet REACH and how many people you’re influencing.

My current Klout Stats:

Klout Score 77 or higher- Currently at 56

Instagram Following: Jan 1, 2016 I was at 351
                July Report: I now have 1292 followers!
Green-Eyed Girl’s Wedding Instagram: I have 181 followers!
Facebook {Green-Eyed Girl}: Increase following to 600- Jan 1 at 485
                July Report: 558 Followers 
Facebook {A Cotton Kandi Life}: Increase following to 600- Jan 1 at 287
                July Report: 418 Followers
Google+ {Blog Community}: Increase following to 100- Jan at 80
July Report: 106 Followers
Twitter: Increase to 200- Jan 1 at 182
July Report: 474 Followers 
Pinterest: July Report: 784 I have joined a few more group boards and the addition of the Tailwind App is still improving things tremendously!

In Closing

July = $795.38
{$420.38 OVER my $375 monthly goal}
To date I’ve made
Jan = $354
Feb = $324.17
March = $716.48
April = $830.68
May = $714.12
June = $862.46
= $4,597.29 in the first 7 Months of 2016
That averages my monthly income to $656.75 which beats my monthly goal of $375 game plan to reach my yearly goal.

I’ll be posting a monthly progress report so do check back in!

To catch up on my progress or follow along from start to finish here are the links:

Original Goals: 2016 Making Mommy Money Online Goals

January Report $354.00- I Have No Idea What I’m Doing

February Report $324.17- The Funnel and Affiliates

March Report $716.48- Monetizing Myself

April Report $830.68- Narrowing my Niche

May Report $714.12- Under Construction

June Report $862.46- SEO Remix


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