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Mommy-Made Boutique {Holiday Gift Festival 2015}

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Moms Going Crafty!

Happy Holiday Shopping!

This post comes to you from my fun and colorful crochet line, Cotton N’ Kandi, which is actually where this little blog started! I craft {obviously} and sell these fun little hats on Etsy. Last year I trucked around all my stuff and set up at 5 different one-day showcases/craft fairs, which was fun, but a little impossible to do again this year since I have TWO boys running around. Instead I decided to do ONE 3-day event which is held at the fairgrounds in Eugene.

Last year, at those 5 small shows I met a lot of other great and talented {far more so than myself} crafty moms. All of us loved what we do and treat it like a profession {read more about my crafting reasons here} yet the time to sell our crafts is harder and harder to find as our little babies grow up.

All that being said, and in true Kandice fashion… I had to start a team
I’ve recruited some of my Mom friends and fellow baby crafters to join together and present one full weekend of creative, kid friendly and mommy made goodness!

No this isn’t an actual mom-made boutique that you can shop at… {would be cool though huh?} It is just my little team of like minded moms who love to muse over our children and create when we have a spare second. The roster has openings if anyone wants to join us… we’re really pretty cool… though we only talk to each other in group Facebook messages…. we still rock.

Our first performance together is going to take place at the

Holiday Food & Gift Festival 
November 13-15, 2015

See their times and details HERE
It is FREE Admission!
Lane County Convention Center/Fairgrounds 
796 W 13th Avenue 
Eugene, OR 97402 
Friday – Noon-7pm 
Saturday – 10am – 6pm 
Sunday -10am -5pm

We’re going to turn our little booth space into one sassy, nursery inspired shopping boutique. And remember, ALL Mommy-Made! Come support our hobbies and our families as their momma’s do what they love for one weekend!

Missed the Event? Want to Pre-Shop?
See who we have for 2015!

The Pink Pinecone Studio: Yep! I convinced the endlessly talented Sara of The Pink Pinecone Studio to hang out with me for a weekend! Find her on Facebook and of course on Etsy. She’ll be contributing her amazing handmade blankets, bibs, wipes cases, burp cloths, rulers and much more!

Millie’s Frillies: Can you believe it?! She’s coming too! How ever did I get so lucky? Jenny, whose crochet skill far surpasses mine is contributing her creative designs and clever crafty work to our boutique! Find her on Facebook and Etsy soon! She’ll be contributing her crochet hats, including the ever so popular reindeer and woodland critters as well as bibs, teddy bears, head bands and more!

Cotton N Kandi: Oh yes, I’m here too! I’ve recently opened up another Etsy store JUST for the crochet. I am excited to get it up and running after this event! 
We have a few other awesomely talented moms who are contributing to the show on either a small scale or are just worth taking a look at. Moms support moms after all, you get it 😉 
Wedding Hair by Judy- Find her at her Holiday Boutique page. Cottage Grove, OR
Here is a little preview of what we’re hoping to set up for you….

I’ve been painting crates and vintage thrift shop frames like crazy! Lots of late nights taking over my husband’s garage! Neighbors surely think I’m crazy!

Here is a brief look at what we’re going for with the crates… I’ll definitely post pictures of the booth once it is set up on Facebook or follow along with the whole shenanigan on Instagram!
Here is a preview of pre-made inventory {just mine Cotton N Kandi stuff} And the color spectrum for some new items I’m making!

 And of course I’ll be bringing along a few other fun handmade stuff too! Stay tuned!

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