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Welcome to my online retail corner I like to call the Mommy Made Boutique. As a mom, it is so wonderful to make mom friends, get out of the house and feel like you’re connected to your community despite not being directly connected to the working world.

During my second pregnancy, I decided to transition into a full-time working at home routine. I majorly cut back on my professional obligations and opened a new business. This new business was one specifically designed to be successful while on the couch with my babies and my yarn. That is how Cotton N’ Kandi was born. Just me, my cotton and my babies. The Best Work at Home jobs ever right? Cotton N Kandi is my line of crochet HATS and many other baby, mom life, nursery inspired items.

As it turns out, I wasn’t the only mom making transitions into an at-home craft business. During my first Holiday Season, I ventured out into the craft show circuit and met several other moms who were starting down or were already on my same path. Naturally, we all got along very well!


The Vintage Event                                          Cotton N Kandi

Here is the other big piece you should probably know about me… if you haven’t gathered this already from my blog… I like to help others, especially MOMS improve their lifestyles and accomplish their goals. One of the common goals I see among many of my friends is the desire to build an online, money making business… I myself was in this very boat at the time and figured if I could rub elbows with some very talented ladies we could all be more successful… enter:

The Mommy Made Boutique

I like Teams… and now that I’m a mom I’m drawn to other moms, especially ones who inspire me with their awesomeness and creativity. I LOVE surrounding myself with people who do things better than me. Their drive motivates and pushes me to work harder. The best part of it all is that I’ve run into some pretty awesome moms who are hand-making other awesome things as a way to support their families too! So naturally, I created a TEAM.

We’re baby Mommies making baby things! The core group of us went on to do our first joint Mommy Made craft show together in 2015 and it was a lot of fun and a HUGE success!

We now have a Facebook Group!

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Mommy Made Boutique Members

There are 3 core Etsy Shops that make up our traveling band. If you saw us at a show you can shop us from here

The Pink Pinecone Studio: The endlessly talented Sara of The Pink Pinecone Studio. Find her on Facebook and of course on Instagram. She’ll be contributing her amazing handmade blankets, bibs, wipes cases, burp cloths, rulers and much more!

Millie’s Frillies: Jenny, whose crochet skill far surpasses mine is contributing her creative designs and clever woodland animal hats! Find her on Facebook and Instagram too! She’ll be contributing her crochet hats, including the ever so popular reindeer and woodland critters as well as bibs, teddy bears, headbands and more!


Cotton N Kandi: Oh yes, I’m here too! I’ve recently opened up another Etsy store JUST for the crochet. You can follow along on the Facebook page and of course on Instagram!




The Vintage Event: This is my other Etsy Shop where we focus on Event Planning, Party Decorations, and many Wedding Details. Follow along on Facebook & Instagram.

Joyful Maehem is a new addition to the Mommy Made Team. {it’s my sister} Kelsea designs hilarious and custom coffee mugs as well as digital art. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram.


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