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Handmade Christmas Crafts {Patterns, Tracing and Cutting Shapes}

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Lots of awesome crafting today while working on our Handmade Kelso Christmas!

Patterns: Using Pipe Cleaners and Beads we made candy canes galore and even snuck in some name spelling. You can get ALL of your supplies for these at the Dollar Tree.

Shape Cutting: Paper Plate Snowman! Cash got some help with the glove but everything else is his own. Including the green marker… he’s a visionary…

Tracing & Cutting: Christmas Crafting just isn’t complete with out a set of Reindeer Puppets! Am I right? Trace your hand, cut them out for antlers and decorate. So Cash’s puppet has one antler…. and only 4 fingers… progress people, progress! Not bad for 2.5 I think.

Dad comes home from work and all of the day’s creations make it up onto the tree!

We’re getting the hang of this now! 

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