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Do you have a Business or Service that encourages, promotes or improves #MomWinning?

Are you hosting a fundraiser or charitable event that my audience should know about?

I’d love to write a post about it for you! See below for Guidelines…

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Sponsored Content: If you have an awesome Business, Service or Fundraiser you would like me to share, this is the Collaboration for you. This Collaboration Listing is for a 300-500 word Blog Post highlighting your Content and how I think it will improve the lives of my readers, or why I think they should be in the know.

Sponsored Content Posts will include:

  • Your history and background information
  • Why I find it helpful and relevant
  • How my readers can use this information and how it will benefit them
  • Links to your website and how my readers can get involved
  • Pinterest Image- Pinned to 25+ of my group boards
  • Newsletter Publication to Sweet Subscribers


I do not agree to support and accept all Sponsored Content Submissions. I only approve submissions that fit my Blog Content theme and audience. Your Content must adhere to the following guidelines to be accepted. I also reserve the right to decline for similar/competing content of my own or previously sponsored content.

*I do not guarantee the sale of any of your services or increased traffic to your website.


  1. Content must be family or mom related: Toddlers, Kids, Kitchen, Organizing, etc.
  2. Content must fit the Blog, A Cotton Kandi Life theme, and general content topics.
  3. I prefer for the content to naturally assimilate into my real life so that I can give a genuine reference to your awesomeness. To do this, You may have to be nationwide or easily accessible. You may also be declined for content if I do not feel as though I can give your business a great reference due to my lack of ability to interact.
  4. I do not blog about sex, drug addiction, weight loss or gambling, etc
  5. If the content includes a Product, it must be for sale on Amazon or Etsy, for which I can provide an affiliate link.
  6. I do not write Sponsored Content for MLM companies: It Works, Rodan Fields, Thrive, etc.

By purchasing this listing you are agreeing to these Terms & Guidelines

Submission for Review

If you would like your Content reviewed, please send me an email to [email protected], Subject: Sponsored Content Submission. Include a link to your main website and a brief description of how you think it fits into my blog. I will review your submission and respond with options, or decline.

If I accept your Sponsored Content Submission you may then buy this listing or any combination of listings we decide upon. *DO NOT BUY this listing until your Submission is approved! 

If accepted you will then need to buy this listing before I write the post. All of my posts will be my own, honest, true opinions and will not be altered after publication.

Work Samples

CLICK For Babies Campaign

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