How to Write a Birth Plan | Workbook | 18 Pages


Happy Pregnancy Mamas! Thank you for stopping in on this digital download Workbook for How to Write Your Birth Plan

If you’re writing your first birth plan, third or even a surrogate birth plan there are loads of questions to ask and topics to cover. I’m outlining points on Early Labor Stages, Active Labor Stages, Delivery and Recovery.

Watch the IGV Video where I explain it all




Hello Mamas! Let’s talk about your Birth Plan and how to write one. But the question is, What should your Birth Plan have on it?

In 18 pages I’m walking you through all the details and questions you need to ask yourself before you go in to have your baby. You’ll get to fill in text boxes, make the first draft and if you want to, word process your own or use my fill-in template.

This workbook comes from my Blog Post How to Pack your Hospital Bag and I talk about it in my Birth Plan IGTV Video.

You can also buy this download on Etsy, but if my Etsy Shop is currently in vacation mode, you’re in the right place!

What You’re Getting:

1- A Digital Download of 18 PDF pages {no papers will be mailed to you, you’ll have to print them at home}
2- Step by Step instructions on how to write it
3- A First Draft copy for you to hand write in before you finalize
4- A Final Draft TEmplate that you can write in by hand or word process on your own

What is a Birth Plan?

A birth plan is a tool used to share your ideal atmosphere and decisions for the birth experience with your care providers including family, friends, midwives, doctors, and nurses. Through a Birth Plan, you’re able to communicate your wishes and preferences for the Birth Experience to your care providers even when you may not be thinking clearly {in fear} or unable to verbally communicate {in pain}. The Birth Experience is most definitely two things, painful and scary. This makes having a Birth Plan even more important because you will have come to your educated decisions prior to feeling scared or in pain. These are big decisions. You’ll be glad you thought them through before you had to choose something while knee deep in fluids…

I have divided the Plan into 6 major sections:

1. Stages of Labor | Early & Active
2. Pain, Procedures, and Interventions
3. The Golden Hours | 2 Hours After Birth
4. Cesarean Section | Plan for the Unplanned
5. Prolonged or Complicated Labor
6. Post-Partum Recovery | After Baby is Born

I’ll give you a definition of each and then walk you through the decisions you’ll need to make for your Birth Plan. I want to emphasize here that there is no wrong answer. It is your body and your Birth Plan. I have included a copy of my Birth Plan as an example, but you do NOT need to make the decisions I did. You make your own. Educate yourself and do what is best for your body and your family.

I want you to have a Happy Birth Experience. I have had so many wonderful mamas ask me for my Plan over the years that I decided it was finally time to make a Workbook for it! Good Luck Ladies!


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