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Sibling Jealousy has hit my House like the Flu.

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Jealousy is real and everywhere. Jealousy is an emotion we as humans will never escape. I am currently jealous as I write this of someone being in Disneyland when I can’t. It happens, it’s a fact of life, but how we handle it is the true test of character. Our Jealousy journey kicked off early in the life of #MySweetandSticky because Wyatt is very good at golf, Cash not so much. Cash is a natural in Science, Wyatt not so much. The most recent Jealousy Tournament took place this month {seriously it’s neck and neck guys} with bikes and Easter.

Jealousy Tournament

Our boys {Wyatt = currently Sweet & Cash = currently Sticky for those of you keeping track} go back and forth on the daily for achievements. But a few big events have sent our Jealousy snowball down the mountain that put us here today. Allow me to catch you up with some elaborate backstory:

Training Wheels

A few weeks ago, Billy took the training wheels off of both bikes at the same time. Wyatt, a natural athlete hopped on his 2-Wheeler and never looked back. Cash struggled, big time. His bike is heavier, bigger, etc because we bought it knowing he’d grow into it soon. He fell, he wiggled, he hit a tree. This resulted in begging Billy to put the training wheels back on while Wyatt zipped around them both asking why Cash “couldn’t” do it. Cash quickly retreated to his Bill Nye lab coat and collection of graduated cylinders.

Eventually, Cash warmed up to the idea of trying his bike without training wheels after he rode Wyatt’s smaller bike and having Bike Day at school. So we managed to conquer this Sticky. Phew. But don’t worry, there was another right around the corner.

Easter Egg Hunt

Enter Easter and the plastic eggs hunt full of shiny coins. Every family does this. It’s probably a kid’s favorite part after the candy. The money in the eggs isn’t the problem, as they both found approximately the same amount. The problem is that the next day after Easter, Wyatt went to the Dollar Tree with me and spent every penny he found. Cash didn’t. He saved his money and now, weeks later Cash still has Easter money laying around that Wyatt doesn’t have. As a 4yo Wyatt can’t stop thinking that “Cash got more than him” on Easter, which isn’t true at all. This is what brings me here to TODAY:

The Tooth Fairy came to our House

Everyone has their own opinion about The Tooth Fairy and this is definitely not a post about her budget per tooth. This post is all about the Sweet & Sticky us parents have to go through when you have siblings who are NOT losing teeth at the same time. The Tooth Fairy really wrecked my morning, but we still pulled out with a win:

Cash, who is 5, has now lost 2 teeth. His first one at school, which he will always remember and his second one LAST NIGHT which, The Girl Next Door knocked out with her elbow. Another story we will remember and treasure forever in Cash’s life. However, this Sweet & Sticky story is NOT about Cash. It’s about Wyatt and Jealousy.

But it gets Sweeter… Click below to keep reading about how Wyatt Wins Jealousy and how I feel like I may be living in a Sitcom… 


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