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In June 2014 my husband earned a new job with Oregon
Department of Transportation which brought our family an hour north to the city of Stayton. Awaiting the birth of our son Wyatt, we didn’t actually put our Creswell home on the market until after he joined us so that he could be born close to family. He was born on Friday, came home Sunday, put our house up Tuesday…. It sold by Thursday! So a quick game plan to find our next dream home went into action! Fortunately, Billy had been looking around while he worked up here the past 6 months and had decided Stayton was the best community for us and decided to search for homes here.

Billy came across this amazing house with a wraparound porch and a creek behind it. Not only are those 2 things Billy loved immediately, but it also happened to be Red White and Blue! What are the odds? It has a monstrous yard and is surrounded by fantastic neighbors!
After a little bit of a struggle to land it, we finally moved in on March 24th,
You can see that it is not at all a fixer-upper but just needs a few finishing touches. Like all new homes, despite them upgrading from the previous, bigger and even a bit luxurious, it takes some adjusting to feel like home. Every house has a story and this one is no different: there are things that simply weren’t finished by the previous owners, things that we want to
change and then just a few adjustments to make it feel like home, not a house. Paint and pictures on the walls sure help!
Keep watch on our Project List which we’ve divided into a 1, 2, 5, and 7 year plan, and follow along as we turn this beautiful house into a Kelso Home! And too, as we get involved with the Stayton community.  I may even ask for some creative input along the way!

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