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Sticker Names Lap Lessons {Fine Motor Skill Development}

When building a Toddler School Unit I always work in a lesson on letter recognition and even NAME recognition. A tricky thing for all Toddlers is the difference between upper and lower case letters. So, for practice I always include both. You too can make your own Sticker Name Worksheets totally free! I’ve included links to the free fonts you can download below!

This lesson comes from our Rainbow Toddler School Mini Unit. {I’m using my old rainbow stickers from when I was teaching} You can get tiny teacher stickers anywhere and can use them for a lot of great sticker charts too! But in case you want to order some now, HERE is a link 🙂

Cash peels off these tiny stickers with his tiny fingers and patiently places them in their designated spots. His little pinchers have to be nimble which is great muscle development for his fine motor skills. He also has to be very patient which is a learned skill!

Wyatt {1 year old} gets to use bigger stickers which he has a hard enough time with! I use garage sale price tag stickers that you can get anywhere.

For there Name worksheets I downloaded the FREE fonts from {I’m not an affiliate. But if they offered that sort of thing I totally should be}

Cash’s name, for the tiny stickers I used the font Dotness. I made it word art inserted so that is was just an outline. I also needed it to be word art so that I could fit both the upper and lower case names on the same sheet.

Wyatt’s name, only a WY to get the size right for the bigger stickers, and fewer, is font KB Dotty Dot
I also made this one a word art so that is was just the outline.

I then use clipboards for my Lap Lessons. They get to sit on the couch for quiet time. Sometimes I play a Baby Einstein video too.

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