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Stocking Stuffers for Busy Moms {Holiday Shopping Guide}

After celebrating as a mom for the first time last Christmas I completely view the whole concept of gift “receiving” differently. Here is why…. your priorities obviously change as you get older, but then when you have another little person running around your house your ideas of “wants” and “needs” really transform from the latest electronic or newest fashion into things that will make your life more efficient and easier as the year progresses. As well as the, “How can I save myself one more trip where I’m taking him from the car seat to a shopping cart?” question becomes more prominent… This post comes to you first in a series of Gift Giving Guides for Moms… logically I’ll begin with the Stocking Stuffers first and how my perspective on these had certainly changed as well!

*At the end of each post I will throw in a few “Moms Indulge” Etsy Treasuries for bigger gift ideas that you can use to spoil that special lady in your life! …because I love Etsy 😉

The new approach to Stockings…
More Practical, more efficient and more conducive to running a home…. Perhaps some other moms are in my same boat for the holidays, or perhaps you have no idea what to get that mom you know who is running all over the place doing her best to provide for her kids and you can help her out with a time saving gift. These ideas may not work for every mom of toddlers on your list but this is what I would love to see from my family!

15 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Moms…

Let’s just say that if I were at a silent auction and saw this Stocking on a table I would puppy guard it ALL NIGHT to ensure I won!

  1. Masking Tape– I use this everyday to child-proof cords and anchor down activities for the kids
  2. Command Hooks– Always using these to hang up a kitchen utensil, like the lids to my pots on the cupboard doors under the counter!
  3. Tide Pens To Go Pens– I carry them in my purse, car, diaper bag, etc
  4. Dry Erase Markers– Always need more for color coding my lists and Block Stations!
  5. Ziploc Snack Bags– The perfect size for toddler leftover string cheese, cheerios, etc
    Forever Postage Stamps– Sending thank you notes and invitations never gets old!
  6. Mailing Labels– I go through these so fast with my retail price tags for Hats, and shipping through The Vintage Event!
  7. BIC Lighters– Us Moms need yummy candles burning on dreary days
  8. Chapstick Lip Balm– Again, I carry these in every pocket, purse, car, diaper bag!
  9. Hand Sanitizer– Sometimes you just don’ have a sink: Public parks, car, grocery store with a cart full
  10. Hair  Elastics– I have to keep those curls pulled back from the toddler or he has a new favorite toy
  11. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes– Shopping carts, counter tops, etc. I keep these in my car too!
  12. Rechargeable Batteries– It is so nice to not fill the garbage can with these little guys by reusing them
  13. Automatic Room Spray Refill – I have one of these sprayers strategically placed around each room so the house smells awesome again every 30 minutes. But I need those refills!
  14. Thank You Cards – You can never have enough variety here and the turn over rate is high for a mom!
See Stocking Stuffer Ideas for TODDLER MOMS!

Moms Indulge: Sometimes, the mom you know just needs something for herself, purely and truly because she gives every ounce of herself to her family daily. She might already have her household masterfully organized and just needs something that says, “You’re Appreciated”. If you know that mom, check out these Etsy Treasuries for something beautiful and handmade!

Etsy Gifts for Her…

~Mom followers, I would LOVE to see comments below for additional items that would make your stockings helpful, efficient and supportive of your hectic lifestyle! 🙂


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