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Stocking Stuffers for TODDLER MOMS! {Holiday Shopping Guide}

This is the perfect time of year to start making lists! I love lists, so here is another one for you… As we start thinking about the holidays, and more importantly Black Friday, Stockings come to mind. For some of us stockings are the LAST thing we remember to do, but for me it’s the first. I’m actually really excited to stuff my sons’ stockings this because Cash is finally old enough to actually know what the Holidays are. We’re even able to start talking about Christmas and what it means and do some meaningful crafts.


Although while I was busy shopping for Cash’s toddler stocking it occurred to me that there were a few items I find helpful as a toddler mom, and those of you stuffing mom’s stocking this year might want to be clued in on some nifty ideas! I am not being compensated in any way for my opinions of these items or brands. I actually bought them all on my own accord and truly USE them daily, and they make my life easier. I bet there is a toddler mom in your life who might benefit from a few of these goodies too!

Traction Socks– Or “No-slip socks” I cannot tell you how many times I have heard a crash in the next room and have had to sprint around the corner to see what happened…. You’ll know the true definition of “peel out” if you don’t have traction on your socks. And, hopefully you won’t pull any muscles slipping in your kitchen in your hasty reaction only to find out that it was a thrown book which your toddler promptly tell you, “baby did it” upon your arrival {finally} into the nearby bedroom. Come to find out, traction socks are actually pretty tough to find except in the holiday months. But actually I need them ALL YEAR, even in the summer, as I’m always trying to chase the boys. Check out this nifty way to turn any pair of socks into no-slip from fellow mom blogger Heather with Twin Dragonfly Designs! No Slip Socks DIY

Nighttime Tea– I’m pretty sure Moms are the only humans I know who are drinking caffeine all day and every minute right up until it’s time to go to bed… just to even MAKE IT to bedtime. Then once the kids are IN their PJ’s {still 45+ minutes and counting until they’re asleep, if you’re lucky} we start pounding sleepy time anything. A- We have to counter all the caffeine we drank during the day. B- if we don’t take anything to dull the mind we’ll be up ALL NIGHT thinking about the things we didn’t get done during the day…. Just to finally doze off 10 minutes before the baby wakes up at 1 am…

Dry Shampoo– I remember a few years ago this stuff was actually also tough to find. Not anymore! Moms must have caught on! Due to sleeping whenever physically possible you’re often out of time or it just isn’t a priority to shower. You’re on the 3-day schedule {again… IF you’re lucky} And if you’re like me, when your husband comes home after work {finally!} and the first thing he says is, “I’m getting in the shower” {face-palm} you politely say “ok, have a good time!” and reach for your can of dry shampoo {again.. it’s day 4} trying to contain your poison arrow dart glare while the kids are flinging their gourmet purees at your face….

Icy Hot Patches– I bet, if you have more than one kiddo you’re in a constant bodily see-saw of ‘pick one up, put on down, pick one up, put one down’ because someone got hurt, someone is tired or simply because you’re holding the other one and this one wants in on the holding. Lift with your legs is the understatement of the year when you’re got multiple kids in the house, or even just one heavy one. OR, if you’ve got a kidlet who isn’t walking yet, you’re probably bent over all day parading him/her around by your index fingers… your heart is thinking this is precious and my little darling is so dependent and trusting of me… while your lower back is screaming, “Just WALK damn it!”

Masking Tape- This is one of my FAVORITE things on the planet. I use it everywhere and I’m ALWAYS looking for where I set that darn roll down. I can never have enough. I’ve mentioned it before in my Baby #2 Registry Idea List. I’m taping down projects, flashcards, sensory bags, you name it. Recently we just taped down tape so Wyatt could peel it up. Hours of fun.

Teething Jewelry– Beside this being an adorable accessory it is actually endlessly helpful. Once upon a time {before kiddo #2} I was suspect of this “chewable jewelry” concept thinking why on earth would I want my kids to learn it’s okay for them to chew/tug on my necklace… well,  it sure beats my hair, nose, eyelashes and scratching my face off. I will NEVER wear an actual necklace again until they are old enough to either stop being held or mature enough to know not to pull on jewelry. But for now, this simply little necklace really saves my face! Currently as I sit here I can count 4 gouges on my face from the infant just last night. I’ve picked him up 7 times already this morning and his first instinct is to attack my eyelashes!… where’s my damn necklace?! I need one in every pocket. {Do they make these to match yoga pants?} You can purchase any style of teething jewelry or entertainment apparatus that hangs on your neck. I have several including an Organic Natural Wood one from BinkyMonsterInc and then this one show is a Silicon Bead beauty from Nommies by Mommy. Bonus, these are both handmade mommies on Etsy you can support!

Air Wick Plug-INS- If you have kids {toddlers or older} your house probably always stinks. Every split second you have between diaper changes and bottle warming you’re chasing down that funky smell to see where it’s coming from. Welp, these little babies help you either give up entirely {Live on stank monster! You win!} Or at least keep your nose at peace until you can fully dedicate yourself to hunting it down. Put them in every room, especially bathrooms and front doors where guests enter. It’s always fun to be saying, “Welcome, Come In, Sorry about the smell… I can’t find it” Eventually you just stop wanting people
anywhere near your house and let your eye freely twitch whenever your nose cringes.

English Breakfast Tea– Black, kick you in the face, caffeine loaded, beautifully warm, potent beast of a beverage. I don’t drink coffee. This is a necessary ingredient for mom success and side kick to #2 above. Potential substitutes include flavorful
coffee blends for your coffee drinking mommies.

Cake Batter Chap Stick {What!? They make that?! They do my friend, they do!} Since we can’t bake ourselves a cake everyday and eat it alone for comfort or to stay sane {I wouldn’t tell if you don’t} I curb my desperation cravings with Chap Stick. This is actually necessary and quite important in the mom’s daily lifestyle for three reasons: 1- She spends every minute not cleaning kissing those irresistible cheeks 2- All that caffeine is dehydrating her all day to stay awake for more cheek kissing 3- In these cold winter month approaching I DOUBT she is drinking enough ice cold water {insert #2 and #8} to stay  hydrated… enter chap stick in a super hero cape {cake batter}

Icy Hot Balm- I know above I mentioned the patches, which are great while you’re running around trying to keep up on the housework and toddlers. The balm is for when you get to finally sit down. I don’t know about your kids, but for mine, alligator wrestling comes to mind when I try to describe diaper changes. At the end of the day my wrists are tired and swollen. Not to mention picking them up, putting on clothes, scrubbing faces and counters. The elbows need to GET some greasing for a change. Some people massage lotions into their skin after they finally get out of a shower…. Moms… Icy Hot.

Slow Cooker Liners- I say this and the church bells ring with the choir aria…. Who knew these existed until you were a mom? Let me tell you… when you’re a toddler mom you learn to use that crock pot daily. A- It is ON the counter! No more bending over to get things out of the oven! B- It is self sustaining! You don’t have to check it or deal with the overflow drips. No more oven cleaning! And now, thanks to these handy dandy little delights you don’t even have to clean the crock pot! Nor {if you married a gem like me who does the dishes when you make dinner} does your husband!

Fingerless Gloves- Car seats in the winter = enough said. I hate winter, like seriously everything about it {except Christmas} I especially HATE being cold. I am always wearing gloves, but now I’ve got to get kiddos in and out of car seats, zip up their jackets, change diapers and the list goes on… I am also blogging in the wee hours of the night and sometimes is a bit brisk in my office before the heaters kick on. I can type in these babies. I’m wearing them RIGHT NOW in fact. I took the handmade route for these and hope you will too. I bought these from one of my Etsy Teammates right here in Oregon! Kristen from Tickled
offers many colors and styles too.

Happy Stocking
Stuffing! Is there anything you hope to get in your stocking this year?

Please comment below!

I’m sure there are many great things to make our Toddler Mom lives a little easier!
See more Stocking Stuffer Ideas for BUSY MOMS HERE

…And of course, no Holiday post would be complete without featuring an Etsy Treasury! Don’t forget that this weekend is Small Business Saturday! Happy Shopping!

Stocking Stuffers for Toddler Moms

Thank you for ‘Shopping’ by! This Treasury goes along with my Blog Post about Stocking Stuffers for Toddler Moms! I hope you find something helpful here!
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