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Subscription Boxes for Kids | Unique Gift Ideas

Subscription Boxes for Kids. Unique gift ideas for kids. Gift ideas for toddlers. Kids christmas gift ideas. Non Toy Gift Guide for kids.

There is nothing my boys love more than Happy Mail. They actually just love it when our Postal people drive up the driveway. Wyatt shouts, “My People are here!” #nojoke So when it comes to gift giving, Subscription boxes for kids technically count as double right? Kids get the surprise that they have mail AND they get to use it after it arrives. I’m also a huge fan of subscription boxes for because it takes a little bit of pressure off of us as parents. Those amazing curators behind the box do all of the thinking for us. So here is my list of awesome Subscription Boxes for Kids. If you’re looking for a gift that keeps on giving, you’ll find something here:

Subscription Boxes for Kids

Subscription Boxes for Kids. Unique gift ideas for kids. Gift ideas for toddlers. Kids christmas gift ideas. Non Toy Gift Guide for kids.

Kiwi Crate

Our Kiwi Crate is obviously my first recommendation on the list. We’ve been receiving this one the longest. The boys actually started out with Koala Crates, which are the toddler activities and are now advancing into the more challenging boxes. Here is a post on the many reasons We Love Kiwi Crate. What’s even more fun is that we can give you $10 off your first crate and we earn $10 off our next one too! Boxes start at $19.95 per month or $19.95 for all 12 months.

Walt Life Boxes

Disney delivered to your doorstep every month! When it comes to Subscription Boxes for Kids, what could be more exciting? Walt Life Boxes bring the joy of Disney to your child every month to quarterly. Boxes are filled with exciting Disney goodies and toys. If you’re surprising your kids with a Disneyland trip, but it’s a ways away, this is the perfect solution for making their wait go by faster! Read up on our Disneyland trip details HERE. Boxes range from $20 to $79 per month. 


Teaching kids to cook! Of all the Subscription Boxes for kids, I’m most excited about this one. I don’t know about yours but my kids are becoming more and more interested in cooking. Both boys LOVE to help me in the kitchen. They’re both getting new aprons for Christmas in fact! With this Subscription Box you’ll receive themed recipes per month from soups in the winter to sandwiches in August. Use our link for $10 OFF

Subscription Boxes for Kids. Unique gift ideas for kids. Gift ideas for toddlers. Kids christmas gift ideas. Non Toy Gift Guide for kids.


Because reading = Bonding. Bookroo’s Subscription Boxes for kids focus on read-alouds and social skills or problem-solving. Each book covers a story involving a problem or a situation for the characters that is resolved at the end. Parents read and bond with their kids for every book. Plus, each one comes gift wrapped! So it’s a TRIPLE exciting gift! You can also upgrade to chapter books for your advanced readers. Bookroo boxes start at $16.95 per month if you order 12, one per month.

Because reading = bonding. Get 15% off today at

So if you’re looking for a fun alternative for gift giving, Subscription Boxes for Kids might be the perfect answer! Happy mail is enough to convince me 😉 Seeing as I too love my own Happy Mail! #stitchfix #fabfitfun

A few more we’ve tried since:

Put Me in the Story

From Personalized princess books to Big Brother books, these are a great Easter Basket Gift for kids!

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