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Things to do in March | Spring

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March certainly is a great time for a change. I put away all of the snow flocked tree and buffalo plaid I had up until Valentine’s Day to make way for greenery. Some of the Things to do in March might even be on my favorites list for all-year. This is the month we start our garden, get to go outside and do oh so much cleaning…

March Theme | Spring & Garden

Of all the things we get to do in March, opening the windows and cleaning out my house has to be a favorite. From clearing out outdated clothes and outgrown shoes to reorganizing the cupboards, I enjoy it all. In fact, I can often be caught procrastinating my actual work by getting caught up in a cleaning project. #realtalk

March | Mom Winning

We actually moved into this Stayton house in March of 2015. Wyatt was exactly 2 months old the first night we spent here, on March 23rd, 2015.

Goodbye Creswell {Movin On In Series}

I had just closed up my businesses and hunkered down into WAHM life with a 2-month-old and a 20-month-old. Truly, I had no idea what I was going to do next. I had started this blog a few months into Wyatt’s pregnancy and planned to continue blogging. In the month of March I wrote these posts about Mom Winning:

Why Did I Start My Blog? {Blogger Interview}
Who is this person you’re following anyway?

March | Mommy Money & Blogging

The path of blogging eventually took me into a monetized business plan. I landed my first sponsored post in March and it took off from there. The following year I tracked my online income & Mommy Money in a series of posts:

Blogging Income Report for March | Making Mommy Money Online
4 Simple Ways to Brand your Etsy Shop
My Top Handmade Etsy Round-Up {Baby Products}
My Experience with Breastfeeding | The Good, Bad & Ugly
Welp…we officially have 2 KIDS {Morning Muse}

March | Mom Life Organizing

March is a great month to dig into your pantry and clear out any expired ingredients from the Christmas baking chaos. I love to keep all of my pantry items in clear containers. Here is my Pantry Organizing Post:

How to Organize a Pantry | Home Organizing

March | Toddler School

Toddler School really steals the show this month. Now is when we break open the Compost Bin and de-winterize it. We also dig out all of last year’s beds as soon as they’re dry enough to not be mud. The boys and I line the bottoms of this year’s beds with the Black Gold we made over the winter and prepare for the garden. Here are all of the toddler school posts for this month:

How to Make Incredible Edible Ooze | Sensory Play
Composting for Kids | A Complete Toddler School Unit
Building our Compost Bin for Toddler School
Creating Garden Rules with Toddlers {Composting Unit}
Inspirational Reading List {Toddler School Gardening Unit}
Composting with Toddlers | Filling our Bin
Teaching Toddlers How Things Grow | Gardening Unit


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