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A big reason for doing this blog is to keep family up to date on all the Kelso Family happenings…. I don’t want our far away family or even fellow Oregonians to miss out on them growing up, especially now that we’ve moved to Stayton!

This page is specifically for family to follow along. I won’t promote this specific page on Pinterest, I don’t expect the casual follower to be interested in my boys growing up or our Family Adventures and updates.

I will however, link to my other posts with the boys that promote ways of toddler education, baby life and childhood resources. So you can find those here!



William Jacob Cash Kelso is our first son. He was born 7/17/13. He was a 7 lb 6oz and joined us at 11:17 pm after 21 hours in labor. It was the best day of my life and a wonderful experience for my husband and I to share together. He is our Cashman, our Buddy, our Monster, our Capn’ Cash. On the day he was born the newspaper said he would have a creative and artistic soul.


Wyatt Nickolas Coach Kelso joins the team on 1/23/15 at 12:54pm. He weighed in at a whopping 9 lb 2oz and announced himself to the world fast and furious with only 7 hours of labor. The difference between him and his brother is already so noticeable and he intends to remain his own man of his own ways! He is our Wy-Guy, our Flash, our Boss Man, our Coach Baby… always keeping us in check and making sure we’re all towing the line! On the day he way born the newspaper said he would “be someone who makes a difference” and it was already right!

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