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Toddler School Themes by Month

I am on a mission to make it easier for all of you to keep up on all of our Toddler School Monthly Themes. I’ve finally put them all together on one page for you and then I’ll continue to add links and make Month’s their own posts soon!

January Themes

How to make Snow Paint | $2 DIY Recipe
4 Sensory Boxes for Indoor Play
Pantry Power {Sensory Bin}
Cardboard Concerts {Upcycled Instruments}

February Themes

14+ Fun & Easy Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids & Toddlers
Wyatt’s Favorite Usborne Books |3 Year Olds
Heart Pies for Valentine’s Day that Kids can Make | Toddlers in the Kitchen
Heart Stamping with Pudding Painting | Valentine’s Day Activities
February Discovery Box | All the People I LOVE for Valentine’s Day
Learning the color RED {Sensory Play Jello}

March Themes

A Toddler Reading Comprehension Lesson | I’m A Dirty Dinosaur
Literacy Corners for Toddlers that Inspire Reading
How To Make Rainbow Rice | Recipe
Spring RAINBOW Lessons {Toddler School Mini Unit}
Why we Love Kiwi Crate & Why You will too | Farm Life
Rainbow Wrestling {Sensory Play}
The Reading Tree & Summer Literacy Incentive System
I’m a Hungry Dinosaur | Reading Comprehension Lesson
Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin & Literacy Lesson
3 Ways to Spice Up Reading with your Toddler
On My Bookshelf – #BabyLove: My Toddler Life | Book Review

April Themes

Building our Compost Bin for Toddler School
Composting for Kids | A Complete Toddler School Unit
Composting with Toddlers | Filling our Bin
Teaching Toddlers How Things Grow | Gardening Unit
Creating Garden Rules with Toddlers {Composting Unit}
Inspirational Reading List {Toddler School Gardening Unit}
How to make Plastic Yarn {Upcycled Grocery Bag Craft}
How to Make Earth Day Seed Bombs

May Themes

How to Make Seed Bomb Appreciation Gifts
How to Make Seed Bombs | Kids DIY
How to Make Lavender Seed Bombs

June Themes

DIY Rock Garden | You Rock! Appreciation Gift
Why we Love Koala Crate for Kids {Summer Subscription Box}
Discovery Learning Outdoors for Kids with Science {Vinegar & Baking Soda}
How to Give Your Television a Nap with a Book Nest

July Themes

How to Set Up your Home School Classroom for Pre-K Kids
Dollar Tree Bulk Buys | 7 Summer Fun Must Haves
Summer Essentials for Rough & Tumble – Awesome Boys | Original Blends Styling Gel Giveaway
How to keep track of your Summer Schedule with a Magnetic Weekly Planner

August Themes

Hidden Treasure Bars {Marshmallow Treats}
Toddler School Unit {Pirate Month}
Pirate Sticker Letters for Fine Motor Skills
Purple Octopus {Number 8 & Paper Cutting}
Treasure Chest Painting {Pirate Month Project}
Toddlers in the Kitchen {Seaweed Pasta}
Pirate Jewelry| Bead Threading {Fine Motor Skills}
Superfluous Fun {Pirate Month}

September Themes

Letter Matching {Magnets & Flashcards}
Sensory Bags {Dinosaur Month}
Sticker Names Lap Lessons {Fine Motor Skill Development}
Fine Motor Skill Development Lap Activity Bow Tying- 9 Months
Literacy Fun {Dinosaur Hats}

October Themes

Window Painting {Numbers & Shapes}
Autumn Leaf Scavenger Hunt | Go Outside with Sawyer Kid Co.

November Themes

The Thankful Tree | Teaching kids to be Grateful
Santa Savings Christmas Cards {Toddler Craft}
Pudding Painted Garlands {Handmade Christmas Craft}

December Themes

How to Make Coffee Filter Snowflakes | DIY Christmas
12 Cake Mix Cookie Recipes
DIY Christmas Decorations with Coffee Filters | Toddler Crafting
How to Make Coffee Filter Ornaments | DIY Christmas
How to Make Coffee Filter Wreaths | DIY Christmas
DIY Snowman Mugs | Holiday Craft
Toddler Stocking Stuffers {Christmas Guide}
Handmade Kelso Christmas {2015}
How to Make Hot Cocoa Spoons | DIY Gift Idea
Pudding Painting {Sensory Play}
Handmade Christmas {Toddler Craft Ornaments}
Handmade Kelso Christmas Tree 2015 {The REVEAL!}
Nature Hunt Frosty {Christmas Craft}
Handmade Christmas Crafts {Patterns, Tracing and Cutting Shapes}
Holiday Glitter Bag {Sensory Play}
Holiday Christmas Card Ornaments {A Clean Up Craft}

Can you tell I’m getting ready for some big changes to the blog? I’m hoping to make any more of my posts more accessible to you throughout the year so that you know what we’re doing and when.

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