Top 5 Posts of 2016 from A Cotton Kandi Life

Best Post Roundup. Top 5 Posts from A Cotton Kandi Life for 20162016 was a great year for this blog of mine, A Cotton Kandi Life. I truly had no idea this little hobby would bring me so close to the $10K side hustle mark in one year! Thank you to everyone, I am so grateful to who is here and for all the new followers of the Instagram and Facebook Fan Page! I mean WOW! We’re nearly at 2K! I have some big plans for 2017 which will give you even more great posts to read. I’m listening to what you all want to hear. These are the TOP 5 Blog Posts from 2016 with more than 100+ views per day. 1,500 views per day on the Hospital Bag one! I promise I’ll be writing more on these topics in the coming year! Enjoy the roundup!

We’re closing the year with 360 Blog Subscribers to the Newsletter. I use Mailchimp and it tells me the “best” subscribers based on who is opening my emails and reading my blog with a star rating. I am pleased to say that my top readers are my Mom and my Husband with the Highest 5-Star ranking 😉 Couldn’t do it without you! Aunt Shannon too! She’s right up there!

Join the Team and get in on the Sweetness of #MomWinning, the Sticky too…


Here are the Top 5, most read, most pinned, and most popular posts of 2016 from A Cotton Kandi Life.

How to pack your Hospital Bag, Advice from a second time mom.Packing your Hospital Bag | Advice from a  second time Mom

This post has done incredible! I wrote it long ago when I was pregnant with Wyatt and it is still going strong, being the all-time leader every year. It has been re-pinned
more than 24K times! Read it…



Incredible Edible Ooze Sensory Play RecipeIncredible Edible Ooze | Sensory Play

If I had know this post was going to take off I would have definitely taken better pictures! This is a taste-safe Tapioca Pearl recipe that creates an Edible Ooze for toddlers and infants to play with. We did this activity on The Mess Mat. Read it…





Family Favorite Crock Pot Recipes7 Family Favorite Crock Pot Recipes | Freezer Labels

Oh how I love the Crock Pot, and apparently you all do too! This post is on my family’s 7 favorite recipes that I turn into Freezer Meals. I also share my Printable Freezer Label Link for organizing your freezer system! Read it…




4 Ways to make Mommy Money from your Couch4 Ways to make Mommy Money from your Couch

It doesn’t surprise me that this post is in the Top 5 for the year. I’ve learned that you readers are very interested in all of the ways I make Mommy Money from home while watching the Hooligans. These are very easy and every mom can do any of them, even dads! Read it…




Hosting Christmas Breakfast. Recipes and How To Guides. Quiche Buffet & Cocoa BarHosting Christmas Breakfast | Quiche & Cocoa

This post actually surprised me! I still struggle to believe how fast it climbed into the Top 5 considering I published it in December. It literally skyrocketed, mostly on Pinterest. I guess is was all the pretty quiche pictures 😉 Read it…

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