Welcome to A Cotton Kandi Life

Welcome to A Cotton Kandi Life… the story of my Sweet & Sticky {not sure who is who yet, they change daily} Thank you for being here! This page is a good place to start and get acquainted. I’m Kandice, and once upon a time ago I was a Company running businesswoman in charge of a LOT of people… {still own the company, but now I work from home}

…Enter Motherhood…

I still run my company from home {no employees anymore} and have created a nice little chunk of Online Mommy Money for myself during my #naptimehustle

Did I mention that the company I own and run is actually Professional Life Event Organizing? It is. I’m an organizer. I help people through some of the biggest days in their lives {mostly weddings} I write another blog for my Company, Green-Eyed Girl Productions. Check her out…. {she’s really my firstborn}

I take big, scary, life-changing events that are overwhelming for people to do alone, break them down into smaller, manageable systems, and teach my clients how to handle the planning efficiently.

I am also a former educator with a Master’s Degree in Behavior Management {yes, that’s a thing}

Can I let you in on a secret?… I’ve learned the biggest, scariest, most life-changing event of all time is… Can you guess? ….. PARENTHOOD!

How to Tag Along…

Every week I blog about new systems in my house, Toddler Behavior Modifications, and overall efficiency-improving life structures. My blog is a resource for parents when solving a variety of life struggles, big & small.


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Armed with my systems, my structures, my label maker and my clear storage tubs. If you’re looking for a little more sanity in your daily life…. join me, friend!

But seriously, I hope you hang around and keep reading about my Sweet & Sticky Life…

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