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Hi Friends! So this is a new thing I’ve never done but probably should have on my About Page anyway….I’ve been tagged by Jonathan of Jonathan’s Studio to do a Blogger Interview. Seems interesting right? Let’s see what we can drum up…

How did you get into blogging?
My little blog has come a long way… I started this exact blog under a different name: The Cupcake Corner, to support my store way back in 2010. A customer came in once and asked, “Do you have a blog where I could check the flavors of the day before I come down?” I started the blog the next day. We closed up The Cupcake Corner, and Hummingbirds (another store the Cupcake Corner was inside of) and yet I still continued to have this blog. I transferred it over to my hobby, crochet in an attempt to use it to promote my Etsy shop. I still use it for that, but somewhere along the way I started throwing in personal posts, got pregnant with our first son, was following many other mom blogs on Pinterest and decided, hey I can do that too! So there you have it…

What was your first Blog Post? 

When I first started my cupcake posts were pathetic, just flavors… BUT, when I got a little more serious about it and wanted to use it to promote my crochet I did sort of an Introductory post into my new “adventure” in life… The Handmade Baby Stuff. I made this little Elephant for my niece and was so proud! She still sleeps with it. In fact I saw it in her crib the other day! So thanks Marissa for kick starting this blog!
What advice would you give to a blogger just starting out?
Make a schedule! Especially now that I am trying to keep up on content with 2 kiddos running around! If you don’t carve out time in your day to do NOTHING other than write a blog post, you never will. So many times I’m in the grocery store and I’m talking to someone about the blog and I say, “oh yeah I wrote about that on my blog…..” and realize, oh wait, that post is still floating around in my head! So then I have to RUN home and write it before that person goes and can’t find it! So frustrating!


What would be your dream campaign?
I really enjoyed teaching my babies Sign Language. (Again, one of those posts, several actually that haven’t made it on the blog yet) So maybe after I actually teach everyone about it through the blog I would love to get some companies together who promote educational Language development. My second ultimate would be Melissa & Doug toys. I LOVE the natural approach and truly, absolutely hate big hunks of plastic toys that require batteries (yes, some battery toys are FANTASTIC and educational, we like those), you know the toys I’m talking about!

Do you have a plan for your blog?
So many! My blogging life is a gigantic piece of my Mommy Money (another blog series not published yet… Ugh… the self realizations of this interview…) My household contribution is scattered throughout several functions, primarily I coordinate weddings and events as my major chunk which I promote and market with my other blog Green-Eyed Girl Productions. Then all of my other incomes are mostly made online; Etsy Shop, online sales, and of course the blog income. I actually take all blog earnings and put them into our boys’ college savings accounts. So I guess the PLAN for this blog is to grow it, focus on it and build it so I can slow down the coordinating piece that removes me from the house every weekend and then use it as a substantial contributor to the house until I can go back to full time coordinating, probably when the boys start school. I hope to monetize the crud out of it 😉

What do you think about rankings?
Rankings are the whole point aren’t they? I can’t monetize my blog, meet my goals and gain followers if nobody wants to read it! So the better I do at providing “followable” content the higher I rank, and the more people will find me to follow me… and help put my kids through college J

End Interview…lots of self realizations and discovery. I hope you make some discoveries of your own in your interviews!

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